Tuesday, September 25, 2012

House Republicans - "American Kids Don't Eat Enough"!?

For some this might seem right out of the bizarro files. America's in the midst of rapidly rising rates of childhood and adolescent obesity and the House Republicans have introduced a bill to repeal the maximal school lunch calorie limits put in place by the new USDA guidelines.

Amazingly the bill has been named the, "No Hungry Kids Act" (I swear I thought the article I was reading was an Onion piece when I first saw it).

So just how badly kids would starve if the limits were left in place depends on their age.

If they're in kindergarten through fifth grade they'd be stuck with a paltry 650 calories a meal; sixth through eighth grade - 700 calories; and ninth grade and up 800 calories.

The horror!

But wait, 650 calories is more calories than I have for lunch.

So what do you think is driving the Republicans' desire to feed American kindergarteners larger lunches than mine?

My money'd be on Big Agriculture and Big Food lobby dollars.

How about yours?