Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is Really Happening - Calgary Pizza Chain Takes Over 9 School Cafeterias!?

Honestly this isn't a story from the Onion.

Coco Brooks Pizza has been granted permission from the Calgary Board of Education to take over cafeteria operations at 9 Calgary high schools in a move so staggeringly and mind numbingly stupid that according to this article from the CBC, even the students expressed shock,
"They’ve been promoting healthy food since junior high and then they open a pizza store; it’s weird"
Defending the move was Calgary Board of Education's Cathy Faber with the classic, "they also serve salads", argument. Ms Faber calls it a,
"turn around story for us, because we're starting to see with this increased traffic that there's actually a potential for a return on our investment"
Because apparently dollars matter more than nutrition and health for the Calgary Board of Education.

What would you do if your kid came home and told you the local pizza joint just took over their school cafeteria?

(And for my Twitter followers - I tweeted in December that I'd been sent the stupidest school nutrition policy I'd ever heard of - amazingly this isn't it. Look for that one in the next week or so)