Thursday, October 03, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! Nutella USA "Grossly Exaggerating" Serving Size. Urgent Recall Pending?

So remember that Nutella video I posted? The one where I explored what's in 2 TBSP of the stuff?

Well in one of the funniest (truly) pieces I've read in defense of a product, Ferraro Canada President Allan Cosman, in an email to Global News' Carmen Chai wrote that my deconstruction was a "gross exaggeration", in that two tablespoons is twice the serving size on the label.

Now of course I explained in my video that I relied on what most people actually put on a piece of bread rather than the recommendation which led Cosman to state,
"In this context, the premise that the demonstration is based upon is a gross exaggeration, as are the conclusions"
But have a peek up above.

That jar of Nutella's serving size is described as 2 TBSP.

That's the jar sold all across the USA in what is clearly a "gross exaggeration" of what people should (or do) actually use.

The best part of that global article though had to be Ferraro's website defense of their hazelnut icing as brain food by including as described by Chai,
"Ferrero also says that scientists worldwide suggest that the human brain needs 130 grams of glucose to function daily. One tablespoon of Nutella has about 11 grams of sugar, 100 calories and six grams of fat, according to its website."
In case you missed the video the first time around, here it is again:

[Thanks to Twitter's afarmer316 for the photo!]