Tuesday, May 27, 2014

UK's Largest Supermarket Chain Bans Checkout Line Candy!

In a move that will hopefully be mirrored by supermarkets the world over the UK's Tesco chain is eliminating checkout lane candy from all of its stores.

Here in Canada Loblaws has played around some with candy-free checkouts, and just a month ago Indigo, Canada's largest bookseller, under the leadership of Heather Reisman (who is also one of the movie Fed Up's executive producers), removed candy from their checkout aisles. Ms. Reisman, when asked about candy's checkout removal from Indigo, gave this incredibly heartening quote to the Globe and Mail,
"Will this cost us a bit of money? Yes. It’s not the heart and soul of what the business is about. I think one of the great things about being my age is I can make the decisions that I believe in with all my heart and know that somehow or other we will make up for that."
Our current environment challenges us to constantly, consciously, resist temptation. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the challenge instead was to consciously indulge, and where the default was health?

Thanks to all of those fighting to make that change a reality.