Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Food Banks Canada Now Teaming Up With 7-11 To Sell Slurpees!?

I do get it. Charities feel they need to take whatever monies they can get.

But given I've never seen a co-branded cigarette sale to raise money for this, that, or the other, clearly there are lines drawn that charities don't cross in their cross promotional activities.

As I mentioned over on US News and World Report, charities, especially those tied to public health, given diet and weight related illnesses are North America's primary causes of preventable death, should be on the front lines of actively working to decrease the number of opportunities for junk food's consumption.

And could there be any "food" junkier than a Slurpee?

Fundraising by selling illness isn’t in anyone’s best interest, and health charities of all folks, ought to know that without being told.