Thursday, October 09, 2014

From the "Not the Onion" and "How Can This Not Be a Joke" File

The Aberdeen Health Foundation in Nova Scotia is celebrating the $4,925 they raised by hosting a McHappy Day at McDonald's (a multi-year fundraising tradition) and this year is using that money to help fund the purchase of a specialized bariatric chair for use in the Aberdeen Hospital.

Here's hoping that next year they don't sell cigarettes to help fund a new respirator.

(For newer readers, here's a piece I wrote on why we need to put an end to this sort of fundraising, and if anyone is interested in non-junk food fundraising, here are some recommendations from CSPI, which while specific to schools, are in many ways applicable to hospitals and health foundations (and certainly are so when we're talking about raising a grand total of $4,925)