Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Get a Black Belt in Healthy Living

Find a healthy living dojo (virtual, paper, person, or peer) with a sensei you trust.

Go to as many classes as you can fit into your life.

Start with the basics.

Practice, practice, practice.

Oh, and you're going to fall down a lot, that's inevitable.

Getting back up again, that's one of the most important skills to cultivate.

Black belts aren't things you can get in a hurry.

Just because you can picture what a jumping spinning hook kick looks like, the odds of you being able to do one because you can see it in your mind's eye are pretty low. Skill building doesn't work that way.

So maybe cut yourself some slack, find your sensei, go to class, start with a white belt, and stop expecting yourself to have a black belt just because you've got this mind's eye view of what healthful living looks like.