Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Gear Review: The $25 Coffee Maker That'll Free You From Starbucks

3 Aeropresses in action in Vancouver's Revolver Coffee House
[Full disclosure - Not only did I buy this for myself, but I've bought two so that I can have one at home and one at work. No one asked me to write this review.]

It's called an Aeropress and it's amazing.

It makes what some argue to be the world's best cup of coffee, it's dirt cheap, it's bombproof, it travels extremely well, and if used regularly, it'll save you the ridiculous amounts of money and calories that you might otherwise be spending in Starbucks.

It's got such a cult following that there are Aeropress coffee brewing championships held all over the globe exploring the different ways you can use it to brew.

Personally I use the inverted method (as seen in the video below), though I'm not particularly anal about ensuring perfect quantities, timing and temperature and it still tastes great.

I also purchased this 3rd party stainless steel S filter so I never need to buy the paper ones again.

If you'd like one for yourself or as a gift, here's an Amazon Associates link to buy.