Monday, January 05, 2015

Canadian Cancer Society's Strategic Goals Include You Eating More Pizza

Despite the very clear link between dietary choices, obesity (pizza is one of the top sources of excess calories of children) and cancer, and instead of encouraging Canadians to eat out less, for the last 3 months of 2014, the Canadian Cancer Society partnered up with Domino's pizza for checkout fundraising to the tune of just $10,000. I say "just" because according to the Canadian Cancer Society's 2013 annual report their revenues border on $200 million.

It's also an odd partnership given the fact that the Canadian Cancer Society's own Corporate Relationship Policy no doubt ought to have forbid it given the partnership requirements that,
"The corporate relationship is consistent with the Canadian Cancer Society’s strategic goals and priorities.

The company in question is in good standing and is an appropriate reputation match and strategic fit with the Canadian Cancer Society.

There is no real or perceived conflict of interest.
Of course if you read further into the Canadian Cancer Society's partnership guidelines you'll learn that they are explicitly happy to accept money from fast food folks so long as there are healthy options on the menu somewhere.

But the Canadian Cancer Society doesn't stop at asking for an extra dollar at the Domino's till, they also help Domino's more directly by promoting and health-washing Domino's pizza by providing slices of it to participants of their provincial Relay For Life Youth events.

And there's more. On Facebook the Canadian Cancer Society told its 63,000 fans that if their New Year's Resolution included getting more veggies, they could do so at Domino's Pizza. Oh, and that ordering Domino's pizza is the same as ordering "hope" and helps those living with cancer.

And don't worry if you don't happen to enjoy Domino's, the Canadian Cancer Society also regularly partners with Boston Pizza.


I wouldn't have thought that the Canadian Cancer Society would need to read about it, but if they or anyone else is interested, here's why we as a society should be putting an end to fast food fundraising.

(Thanks to Michelle Good for sending my way)