Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Minute Maid Orange Juice and a Masterclass in Leanwashing

Today I've got another amazing video for you. It's from Minute Maid and truly, every parent needs to watch it.

Parent need to watch it not because it has anything to do with Minute Maid orange juice, a product that can be thought of as flat Coca-Cola with a tiny smattering of vitamins (as drop for drop Minute Maid and Coca Cola have virtually identical sugar and calorie profiles), no, parents need to watch it because it's genuinely great.

While juice is totally fine to give your kids as a treat (as far as how often and how much I'd recommend giving them no more juice than you would soda pop), giving it to them regularly wouldn't be a practice I'd think is fairly describable as the campaign's #doinggood, nor is juice something I'd describe as being full of goodness. Full of sugar maybe, but goodness not so much.

Oh, and if you think I'm kidding about their push of juice as "goodness", take 30 more seconds and watch the campaign's companion video: