Thursday, July 09, 2015

Medicine Hat Ringette Association: Buy a Case of Chocolate Or Your Kid Can't Play

"All families are required to purchase 1 case of Chocolate Covered Almonds at a cost of $90 at the time of registration"
I'm struggling to understand this, and thanks to Canada Research Chair in Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management Dr. Jeff Vallance for sending it my way.

Apparently the Medicine Hat Ringette Association, in a bid presumably to raise money, in addition to their registration fees, has required every family of every child playing to buy a case of chocolate covered almonds.


Dr. Vallance sent in his comment about the whole business and it's straight to the point.
"Given all we know of the obesity rates among our youth, it's appalling that the ties between youth sport and the junk food industry keep getting stronger. We as parents and sport organizations need to be creative and start thinking outside of the box to generate new revenue streams to support our kids in sport and keep fees reasonable. Propping up the pizza, chocolate almond, and gambling industry makes absolutely no sense. What's next...selling cigarettes?"
Couldn't agree more.