Thursday, December 10, 2015

Coca-Cola Latest Ad Says, "Don't Believe Everything You're Told"

Took my eldest to see The Martian this past weekend, and a pre-movie Coca-Cola Christmas ad aired.

The ad's below.

The ad's premise is straightforward. The spot highlights sentiments that with the help of Coca-Cola and Christmas, are proven to be wrong.

"Don't open the door to anyone" sees a boyfriend dressed in a reindeer costume surprising his girlfriend.

"Don't accept anything from strangers" sees a father and daughter buy a man painting a Christmas mural a bottle of Coca-Cola

"Nothing in life is for free" sees a woman drop her change and stranger in return buying her a bottle of Coca-Cola from a vending machine

"Nothing lasts forever" sees a couple's kids looking at a photograph of their parents young and in love and sharing a bottle of Coca-Cola followed by their parents old and in love sharing a bottle of Coca-Cola.

But there were two messages that didn't have any obvious explanations.

There was,
"Don't believe everything you're told",


"Don't mind everything you hear".
The first features a very young boy excited to see Santa, and the second has Santa chugging a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Could these messages be Coca-Cola's subtle response to their absolutely disastrous year in regard to public relations, sponsored research, public-private partnerships, the rising tide of calls for sugar-sweetened beverage taxes, and the seemingly global effort at encouraging a reduction in the consumption of added sugars?