Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Stories: Syrian Hell, Vegan Restaurant Review, False Tests and Cooking

That this photo from the Atlantic of Aleppo, Syria is over 4 years old is terrifying
Dr. Samer Attar in the New England Journal of Medicine on the hell of Syria (warning, this is a very tough read - and you should read it anyways)

Michael Deacon, on a much lighter note, with his review in the Telegraph of a new, trendy, London, vegan restaurant.

Ryan Gabrielson and Topher Sanders in ProPublica with the awful story of the regularly false test that's sending people to jail.

My friend Darya Rose on her Summer Tomato blog on "The Real Reason You Don't Cook". Darya also kindly offered up a $15 discount code for Weighty Matters readers who want to sign up for her online course on how to cook without recipes in just 30 days (I don't get any cut or referral bonus) just enter COOKINGMATTERS15 at checkout.