Monday, August 29, 2016

NYC Dept. of Health Says 2 Mins of Stair Climbing Prevents Weight Gain?!

Of all the Departments of Health out there, I wouldn't have expected this from New York City's.

It's a poster that they're producing and promoting that's meant to inspire stair climbing.

While there's little doubt that stair climbing is good for you, telling people that doing so for 2 minutes per day will help to prevent weight gain dumbs down the purpose and benefits of exercise to calorie burning, and worse, infers exercise, even small bits of it (like 2 minutes of stair climbing), burns boatloads of calories.

And if you believe exercise burns boatloads of calories you may be more likely to struggle with weight, just as this study, Lay theories of obesity predict actual body mass, found when looking at people's inherent beliefs around the root cause of weight gain.

The study went further to infer that believing exercise is the key driver of weight led to a greater consumption of chocolates in an experimental condition.

As far as the prevention of weight gain goes, one recent study concluded 60 minutes of daily exercise is required.

2 minutes of stair climbing? If we're talking calories, that 2 minutes will see you burning a mere 20-30. 20-30 calories? That's 2 potato chips worth (plain Ruffles).