Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey ParticipACTION, Kids Need Activity, Not Activity Trackers, Food, Not Candy Vitamins

Apparently ParticipACTION, Canada's Let's Move style campaign to promote physical activity, has some sort of partnership now with Flintstones vitamins. You know the ones, the candy ones.

According to Bayer (the manufacturer of Flinstones Active Kids Gummies, the Gummies are a, "Partner in Play".

Though I tried and failed to determine the exact amount of sugar in these Gummies, I think it's safe to say its comparable to the sugar in other Flinstones Kids Gummies which when I blogged about them last clocked in at roughly 3/4 of a teaspoon per daily dose (more than if you ate two actual Gummy Bears rather than two Gummy Bear vitamins).

Kids don't need vitamin fortified candy, they need varied healthy diets. They also don't need activity trackers, they just need to play. I realize money's tight for everyone, but these sorts of partnerships don't do our children any good.