Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Why Have School Food Policies If They're Not Followed Or Enforced?

A recent photograph from a school cafeteria that's clearly non-compliant with school food policy
It's a simple question.

Why bother with school food policy making if schools aren't going to follow and/or enforce them?

(And please don't read this as me stating that the policies themselves are solid to begin with - that's a whole other rant).

But they're definitely not enforced.

From the treats and candies handed out to 8 year olds writing standardized tests, to the constant junk food fundraising, to the sodas above - the lists go on, and on.

And I'm not suggesting I've got a solution.

Clearly the resources to go from school to school to check aren't there.

And clearly schools and their administrations care about the kids.

So it's not about a lack of concern, and there's no practical way to police things.

I think the fact that schools are still consistently selling, giving, rewarding, and entertaining children with junk food speaks simply to the fact that over the years those practices have become so entrenched, they're considered normal, and hence, aren't even considered as behaviours worthy of scrutiny.

I'm curious. What's the most ridiculous example from your child's school?