Wednesday, March 27, 2019

If You're Calling For A Ban On Bottled Water, But Not On Bottled Sugar Water (Soda, Juice, Sports Drinks, etc), You're Doing It Wrong

Apparently two former city Councillors, and some "water advocates" from a group named the Ottawa Water Study/Action Group, are lobbying the City of Ottawa to ban the sale of bottled water in all municipal buildings.

They rightly argue that Ottawa city tap water is terrific, and that the sale of bottled water is destructive to the environment.

But here's the thing.

All the other plastic bottles in the vending machine, you know, the ones that are just water with some sugar and flavour, they're in the very same bottles, and their consumption, unlike water's, isn't good for health.

So if you enact a ban on bottled water, but allow the sale of sugared waters, you're likely to shift sales to them, will do little to nothing towards for the environment, and you'll be promoting unhealthy beverages. Not something I can get behind.

I'm all for banning the sale of plastic bottles, but all plastic bottles, not just the ones containing the only actually healthy beverage being sold.