Saturday, May 16, 2020

Saturday Stories: This week in COVID19

Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong, UK RN, 28 years old, died from COVID April 12th. May her memory be a blessing.  
Peter Piot, one of the scientists who discovered Ebola, in Science, with his thoughts on COVID, both as an expert and as a survivor.

Erin Bromage, on her own blog, gives you some advice about your risks in various locations once your location's physical distancing rules are relaxed.

Lois Parshley, in Vox, on the long term complications COVID confers to some of its survivors.

Helen Branswell, in STAT, on how yes, cats can catch SARS-CoV2 and that while infected, spew piles of virus and infect other cats. Unclear right now if they can infect people

Kevin Roose, in The New York Times, wonders what happens if we get a COVID19 vaccine but 50% of the population refuses to take it?