Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kosher - Your New Health Food Craze?

Here's a story that blows me away. According to a report on FOX news' website, marketers are aiming to make Kosher the next health craze.

Now I'm Jewish and I know Kosher.

Kosher doesn't have anything to do with healthy eating, just rabbi supervised abattoirs, not mixing milk and meat, avoiding animals with cloven hooves, filter feeders, fish lacking scales and birds of prey.

Kosher includes the imminently healthy grieben (deep fried chicken fat - my bubbie, god bless her, made great grieben), latkes (deep fried potato pancakes), and sufganiyot (deep fried jelly doughnuts).

Now I'm not knocking kosher, but if Manishewitz starts showing up prominently on my Supermarket shelves, I'll have to hire their marketers.