Monday, January 22, 2007

Segway Holidays - Apparently Walking is for Suckers

I've been meaning to post about these for a long time.

They're now in many major, non-snow bound cities.

Tours on Segways.

I'm very split on this one. On the one hand, a nice idea for folks who perhaps due to age or infirmity aren't able to walk. On the other hand, for everyone else they seem so incredibly lazy.

Take a look at these pictures, do these folks look like the aged or infirm?

Telluride, Colorado

Florence, Italy

Paris, France

Barcelona, Spain

To me, they just look lazy.

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  1. I'm not "split" on this question any more - look at the pictures again and you can see these are not unfit looking people. I love to start off with a Segway tour of a new city, which gives me a great overview in a short time. Thereafter I do the normal walking bit but now I know what it is I want to spend more time seeing. Segway tours really enhance my introduction to new places. Arnold

  2. Anonymous6:49 am

    For most people, the Segway is a fun way to experience a city; it's a novelty and basically a ride. It's no more or less for suckers than going on a roller coaster or a ferris wheel.

  3. Just wait... someone will fall off one of the things and split their head open. Then they'll sue the tour company and the whole idea will be scrapped.

  4. Ugh. A travesty, to be sure.

  5. Anonymous8:28 am

    they have them in jerusalem, too!!!

  6. Anonymous12:11 pm

    They are great for folks who would rather see things up-close-and-personal than sitting in a tour bus. And better than a walking tour because you can cover so much more ground!

    Here's a whole directory of them:

  7. Anonymous2:39 pm

    I was just in Florence and saw these tours. Just an FYI, it's possible to walk from one end of Florence to the other in 45 minutes and those Segways can't get in all the cool litle alleys or up the stairs, you're missing out if you do one of these tours.