Monday, January 08, 2007

Stupidest Weight Loss Drug Ever Round II

It's called Slentrol and it's being marketed by Pfizer as a prescription weight loss drug for dogs.

Yes, I did just write a prescription weight loss drug for dogs.

So where does this dramatic rise in canine obesity come from?

It must be the growing prevalence of suburbia where the dogs are much more likely to drive to work than walk. Or perhaps it's all of the commercials that basically brainwash dogs into eating more. Maybe it's the rapid growth of fast dog food restaurants where dogs get to great-dane-ersize all of their portions for just a few pennies. I suppose it's also possible there's a new doggie gut bacteria causing rapid weight gain, or maybe an adenovirus?

Or maybe, just maybe, it's from their owners feeding them too much food and not going out with them for exercise?

If a doggie weight loss drug isn't enough of an example for you of a world gone wrong, how about a doggie gym? Or a doggie treadmill?

Here's a simple rule - you know your lifestyle needs a major makeover if : (a) Your dog is fat, and (b) The best solution you can come up with for helping your dog lose weight is a prescription weight loss drug.