Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dizzy Boxing - my new Favourite Sport

This week has seen an influx of new subscribers to my blog thanks in part to its being picked up by CTV's Mednews Express blog (they grab the posts they want).

For those of you new here, Fridays are my day off indignation. Around here Fridays become "Funny Fridays" where usually I find some bizarre clip from YouTube to brighten up your day.

Email subscribers, you've got to log on to the blog itself to watch the video.

So without further ado, here's a video of perhaps my new favourite sport. It's called dizzy boxing and here's how you play. Get spun by a giant machine in a circle for a while, get released and run down a narrow plank towards your opponent (who for good measure, is wearing a dress), try to hit your opponent without falling off the plank because if you do you should know, the water surrounding you below is scalding hot. If you do fall off, hurry out of the water because just outside of the pool is a big bowl of ice that you can jump in.

I think we should petition the Olympics for inclusion.

Have a great weekend!