Monday, July 30, 2007

Does Kellogg's think you're Stupid?

So here is the Nutrition Facts label from Kellogg's original flavour Special K cereal.

It says a serving contains 110 Calories and is 1.25 cups in size. (click it if you need to make it bigger)

Now let's look at the Nutrition Facts label from Kellogg's new Special K Fruit and Yogurt Flavour.

It says a serving contains 120 Calories, but now it's only 0.75 cups in size.

It's examples like this that drive home just how lax, misleading and easily exploitable our current labeling laws are.

Clearly here Kellogg's wants consumers to think that their wonderful new flavour has only 10 more calories than original Special K, when in fact by volume it has almost double the calories (81% more calories per cup of the Fruit and Yogurt flavour).

Let me ask you, how difficult would it be for Health Canada to push for legislation that for instance for cereals would require all cereals have a standard 1 cup serving size label representation? Of course, this is only one example - misleading labeling is everywhere, mainly because Big Food's able to get away with it and because most folks don't take the time to read labels carefully or to compare.

Shame on you Kellogg's for what to me looks like your obvious attempt at deception, and shame on you Canadian government for not having laws that would prevent this type of overt label deception.