Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Badvertising: Chips are Vegetables, Right?

So after I eat my heart chips, I'm going to have a hearty serving of vegetables.

No stupid broccoli for me. Kiss my artichokes goodbye.

From now on I'm going to have Flat Earth Impossibly Good vegetable crisps.

I don't care that they're not whole grain because I'll get my whole grain from those Sun Chips.

I don't care that they've got piles of sodium and calories because there's a half a serving of real vegetables in every ounce.

Let's see....if I have 8 ounces a day that's like 4 "vegetables".

Of course it's also over 1000 calories and a day's worth of sodium.


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  1. Anonymous10:23 am

    These type of ads really are insulting. Do they think the average consumer is naive enough to believe these ads???


  2. Brandon6:58 pm

    And have you been seeing the McCain commercials where the little girl refuses to eat her french fries when she finds out they're vegetables? That's right, flash frozen, deep fried potatoes are a GREAT source of vitamin C!

  3. Anonymous10:49 am

    Is it actually called 'Impossibly Good'? My God, they are flat-out telling people that they're lying in the brand name!

    "Our chips are so good for you that it's actually not even possible." You almost have to respect the truth in advertising.

  4. Jackie7:49 am

    If you're gonna eat that much sodium, it better be for something good, like pizza!