Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quackery: The Amazing "Diet Guard"


"Snack Proof your Mouth"
How will you do that?

You'll shove two plastic mouth guards into your mouth so that you can't chew.

So what if you end up talking with a slight lisp, after all boxers wear mouth guards and they're in great shape.

Super-stylish too.

What's not to love?

Only $99.99.

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  1. I hear that they are developing an advanced version of the Diet Guard.

    For $259.00, they will wire your jaw shut for 6 weeks and guarantee that you will lose between 20 and 30 pounds.


    I can't wait to get one!!!

  2. Anonymous1:25 pm

    the 99.99 is for two and the guards are thin enough that you can engage in all daily activities except eating with them in. If anyone has had invisaligns you know it stops you from snacking - not such a quacky idea really there are much worse out there. Only meant to be a gentle reminder not to snack if you are on a weightloss plan