Friday, January 02, 2009

Weighty Matters Cracks Wikio's Top 50 Health Blogs!

Received a nice email today from Nicolas over at Wikio advising me that Weighty Matters cracked their top 50 list for Health Blogs.

Below is Wikio's top 50 with Weighty Matters flying up to number 33!

Happy New Year everyone,

1Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog
3Shapely Prose
4The Carlat Psychiatry Blog
6DB's Medical Rants
7The Doctor Is In
8In the Pipeline
9Healthcare Economist
10The Covert Rationing Blog
11Health Care Renewal
12Highlight HEALTH
13Brain Blogger
14Autism Vox
16Doctor Anonymous
17Disease Management Care Blog
19Six Until Me.
20Her Bad Mother
21Musings of a Dinosaur
22Junkfood Science
23Dr. Deb
24Fight Aging!
25Schwitzer health news blog
28HD BizBlog
29Diabetes Mine
30John McManamy's SharePosts
31The Independent Urologist
32Aging Fabulous
33Weighty Matters
36retired doc's thoughts
37Cranky Fitness
39The Trouble With Spikol
40The Rotund
41The Change Blog
42Eye on DNA
43Alzheimer's Notes
44Autism News Beat
45All 4 My Gals
46Slow Down Fast
47Global Health Policy
48The Last Psychiatrist
49Bump on the Road
50John Goodman's Health Policy Blog

Rankings by Wikio.