Friday, April 03, 2009

What's up with Disney's DVD "Vaults"?

Does anyone understand how the Disney "Vaults" work?

I keep seeing ads saying that if I don't buy the DVD now, I'll never get a chance.

Today for Funny Friday is one such ad for Disney's the Lion King.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. This is a very canny method to get you to buy now. This is, in fact, the entire basis of Economics 101 - the study of scarcity.

    If you don't buy right now, the movie will go back into the Disney "vault," and who knows when or whether it will ever be released again? And oh my goodness, you might not get to watch it at the very second the desire to do so crosses your mind. Oh, the agony of it all!

    Actually, when it gets released again will correspond roughly with whenever they need more money and want to increase sales on their most popular products. And once again they'll trot out the movie and immediately threaten to put it back in the "vault" if you don't buy right now.

    I guess it depends on how badly you want to have this movie right at your fingertips so that you can see it RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!!!!

    Or if you can manage not to buy into the hype, you can just wait until it's released again - and it definitely will be - to see it whenever that happens.

  2. Oh my, after watching the video....somebody is kidding. It may indeed go back into the vault, but all that other stuff is just nonsense.

    Somebody's pulling your leg....