Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frankenfood: Passover Edition

Yes it's Passover - no leavening agents of any kind and I would venture a higher incidence of bowel obstructions among the Jewish population.

Of course food for Passover often involves pretending it's normal food. Case in point these, Streit's "Blueberry Flavoured" Pancakes.

What's "Blueberry Flavoured" you ask?

Apparently it's translucent pieces of blue candy.

So how bad are they?

Bad enough that both my 4 and 2 year old daughters insist the "berries" be removed from their "pancakes" prior to eating.

Click the picture to appreciate their lovely blue glow.

Chag Sameach!

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  1. tmana9:21 am

    The number of Passover foods that "don't look like Passover foods" is alarming. How do you know it's the holiday? Growing up, Passover breakfasts were buttered matzoh (or egg matzoh), matzoh brei, matzoh meal pancakes. (No packaged "Passover cereal" for us!) Today it's more likely to be the same fruit and yogurt as I'll have during the year, just minus the flaxseed or hempseed.

  2. Just two more Passover breakfasts left!
    I think I'll be making homemade Kosher For Passover crepes again this morning.

  3. This reminded me think of a recent 'Cake Wrecks' post.

    You could always serve the last cake in this post (from New Style bakery):

  4. Well, for some healthy Pesach / Passover recipes, you can check out my library of Pesach / Passover recipes -

    Sincerely, Eli Ha-Levi, BA, M.L.I.S. (professional librarian)
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