Monday, July 13, 2009

344 Pounds - a guy on a journey

I like this guy.

I don't agree with everything he's said and done, but really, who cares if I agree with everything or not.

His name is Tyler and in January he decided that he was going to lose some weight. At the time he weighed 344 pounds and he's set himself a goal of losing 150 of those. He's also set himself up with a blog.

What I love about Tyler's blog is his use of social media to help get him where he's aiming to go. He's using it to keep track of his progress, he's using it to document his journey to one day show his young family who he was during this time period, and he's using it for motivation because for him putting everything out there inspires him.

He tracks his daily calories there (I'd be encouraging him to add in more snacks and better sports nutrition as well as upping his calories a fair bit), he chronicles his own experiences with what works for him in changing his foodscape and fitnesscape, he details his workouts, graphs his weight change, and he even invites commenters on board to help increase the duration of his workout (links and comments add time).

Tyler's found a way to go that he's enjoying and he's certainly losing weight.

Tyler, if you're reading this my main piece of advice for you, whatever you're doing to lose weight, you've got to be prepared to do it forever if you want the weight to stay off.

Best of luck Tyler.