Friday, July 24, 2009

Maybe we should reconsider the right to vote

Scary, scary, scary.

For today's Funny Friday I bring you your fellow voters!

Have a great weekend!


[Hat tip to my dad]

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  1. Have you seen Wente's column in this morn's Globe & Mail?

    Guidance appreciated - should I have my 20th beer of the day & finish off my bag of Salt & Vinegar chips?

    Again, guidance appreciated.


  2. Hi there Fat Arse,

    It's old news. We've known for a while that a few pounds helps in old age. The study regarding living longer and weight only applied to folks with weight to lose over the age of 65 and then only applied to a relatively small amount of excess weight.

    The theory is simply that the weight serves as an energy reserve to weather various medical storms long enough to get well.

    It's also important to note that the study didn't look at quality of life and that the life extension benefits were really quite minimal.


    I'm not rushing out to buy myself a box of Twinkies.

    Enjoy the weekend,