Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Breaking News: Dietitians of Canada Support Calories on Menus

This just out. A Dietitians of Canada (DC) press release that provides their explicit support for posting of calories on menus in restaurants!

Regular readers will remember a few weeks back when I posted my concern that DC was actually going to come out against mandatory restaurants menu labeling. They had sent out a loaded questionnaire that reported they had their own concerns and then a spokesperson came out and suggested that putting calories on menus might cause Canadians who were reading them to misinterpret them as some sort of taste-o-meter reading and aim for more of them.

All I can say is kudos to DC for finding the right path on this issue and thank you to all of my dietitian and non-dietitian readers who wrote DC with their concerns.

[Hat tip to dietitian, author and columnist Rosie Schwartz and her Twittering (@rosieschwartz) of the press release]

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  1. hmm...now don't you look like a fool for endlessly bashing them. Maybe next time you will wait until an organization actually states their position before publically lambasting them? Nah, doubful.

  2. Anonymous11:51 am

    hmmm...jason seems cranky. A dietitan?

    Could it be that Dr. Freedhoff's initial and well publicized concern along with his requested letter writing campaign helped make their minds up for them?

    Will jason get a life? Nah, doubtful.

  3. Now if we can only trust that the nutrition information posted on restaurant foods is accurate. From lit review for my thesis, the information can be quite a lower than what is reported. Also in grocery stores, the food companies have a 20% (over or under the actural value) leeway on the values reported.