Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breaking News: Canada's Sodium Working Group's Recommendations

It's not often I'm thrilled with something the government's had a hand in but today I'm thrilled with the recommendations that have come from Canada's Sodium Working Group.

CSPI posts the highlight reel which includes:

  • Reducing the Nutrition Facts table’s “daily value” for sodium from 2,400 mg to 1,500 mg, mandate standardized serving sizes as the basis for reporting nutrition information, and retrofit labels to facilitate improved consumer understanding after the US Institute of Medicine’s report on front-of-pack food labelling is published in 2011

  • Mandate prominent placement of sodium and calorie information at chain restaurants serving standardized fare;

  • Ensure regulatory standards for products using protected names like cheese and pickles to permit the use of low-sodium salt substitutes;

  • Include sensible sodium limits in government food-service policies and procurement contracts (e.g., for schools, hospitals, and the military);

  • Retrofit advice in Canada’s Food Guide on caloric intake and sodium.

    But please folks, don't hold your breath until these get done. Not to be a killjoy but I can't help but think of the wonderful recommendations that came out of Canada's 2006 Trans-fat Task Force which have yet to be acted upon.