Sunday, July 11, 2010

Carl's Jr.'s bid to out-gross KFC's Double Down

First found by the folks over at Food Beast (that's their picture too - thanks Food Beast!) may I introduce to you the Foot Long Cheeseburger.

While there are no numbers on it yet, if we take a look at Carl's Jr.'s bacon cheeseburger's calories and multiply by 3 it may well run you in the neighbourhood of 2,460 calories and 5,070mg of sodium.

For those who like comparisons that'd be eating the caloric and sodium equivalent of roughly 5 KFC Double Downs.

Cost per calorie? Well we can't use the $4 cost because that doesn't include bacon but $7 apparently does so that'd be 3.5 calories per penny.

Head over to Food Beast to read their review and check out their pics.