Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dr. Oz - so corrupted by fame he even sells himself out?

The other day I received a note from the Dr. Oz PR team informing me of his upcoming show (aired two days ago) on the HCG diet.

For those of you who don't know, the HCG diet is one of those ridiculous injection diets. The kind where you see a physician who prescribes an insanely low number of daily calories (500) along with injections. Here in Canada those injections are usually B-vitamins , while in the States they're often Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG injections for weight loss aren't kosher here in Canada).

The scientific literature on HCG as a weight loss aid is extremely clear. Randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled trials have demonstrated that HCG shots don't work any better than shots of salt water at appetite suppression or weight loss.

In fact as Travis once pointed out on Obesity Panacea, the disclaimers on HCG providers' own websites speak for themselves as to HCG's utility,

"HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or "normal" distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets"
The show was predictable. Dr. Oz spent the bulk of the show obtaining testimonials from HCG providers and dieters, mentioned how his wife has done the HCG diet, spent a scant amount of time with HCG detractors, mentioned that the complete and utter lack of medical evidence to support its use was counter-balanced by the 4 people he had in his audience who had succeeded in losing weight, called for further study, suggested it was worth a try, and wondered if future research into it may in fact lead to a cure for obesity.

And while that's shocking to anyone who cares about evidence based medicine, it's not so shocking for Dr. Oz as he's long since sold himself out to non-scientific, non-evidence based woo, even promoting a faith healer on his show.

What is perhaps news is a link sent to me by Weight Maven's Beth Mazur. It's a link to one of Dr. Oz' own webpages entitled, "The Shortcuts Dr. Oz Would Never Take" and it was posted just 3 short months ago.

The first shortcut "Dr. Oz would never take"?

The HCG Diet.

Here's what he said about it just 3 months ago,
"Initially, this diet may help you rapidly drop pounds. Ultimately, it destroys your metabolism, as you are essentially starving yourself. Another negative side effect is the loss of muscle mass, so much that you will no longer be able to effectively burn calories."
And now?
"If you find someone like Dr. Emma (the HCG provider he had on his show), I think it's worth trying"
And how much will it cost his viewers who take his advice to try the diet scientifically proven to be useless and the one he himself rightly reports is likely to dramatically impact on muscle mass, so much so that weight regain will be far more likely? Dr. Emma charges her patients $800 for 6 weeks of this sham treatment.

So thanks Dr. Oz for promoting the exploitation of your viewers, for embarrassing our shared profession, and for being such a stellar role model for how not to embrace fame and fortune.

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  1. I watched about two episodes of his show and stopped. He seems to have a new miracle cure for obesity or aging every second week. Sad that people follow and fall for it all. Again, we need to keep ourselves well informed and make information and common sense based decisions about our health as best we can. Thanks for helping us sift through it all Yonni.

  2. I'm sorry I missed that episode! I can't believe he would actually say it is worth a try! What a hypocrite!

  3. That is really such a bummer. I think he really had great ideas and opinions before he got his own show and had to fill it up every day. Then the weird stuff has to enter in. I am so disappointed.

  4. The thing that amazed me most is that Dr Oz seemed to be unaware of any other explanations for weight loss and lack of hunger besides HCG.

    When I heard that the diet was 500 cals/day, I practically fell over. As someone who did a VLC medically supervised fast back in the early 90s, I can tell you ... ketosis works quite nicely on both of those fronts! It just boggles the mind that no one on the Dr Oz could research the effects of this kind of calorie restriction (hello ... it's why the HCG vs saline placebo study showed no difference).

    The HCG diet is essentially the Twinkie diet. If you restrict your calories to a ridiculous level, you'll probably drop lots of weight. But people shouldn't kid themselves that it's healthy. And at least the Twinkie diet doesn't set you back $150 a week!

  5. Anonymous10:06 am

    Dr F could you comment on the book "The end of overeating. Taking Control Of The Insatiable North American Diet. By David A, Kessler, MD
    He was commissioner of US Food and Drug Admin, dean of Med schools at Yale and U of California, and is a pediatrician. Should be reputable. Anna

  6. Hi Yoni - great post. When Marina and I were recently in NYC, we took an NBC tour which led us through Dr. Oz's studio. During that segment of the tour the guide spent a solid 5 mins explaining how Dr. Oz is a "real doctor" who is very important in his field, who has published X number of papers, and so on and so forth. As I couldn't help but laugh at all this NBC/Oz propaganda, I received quite a few scathing stares from the Dr.Oz fans (quite a few in our group), not to mention the guide. What a hack!

    1. Anonymous1:08 am

      Sure sounds like jealousy to me!!

  7. The over-riding thought that people must use when reading tripe like that dragged out by Dr. Oz and others shilling for attention is "Follow the Money."
    I hope that he's socked enough away in his retirement fund because the inescapable downward spiral of his respectability is clearly in its earth-bound trajectory. Sigh.

  8. What a disgrace. I have a local physician who pushes HCG on his patients and also prescribes them systemic antifungals to clear the "yeast" from their body that is obviously the culprit in their obesity. I too have seen patients lose absurd amounts of weight on this diet only to gain it back and be completely miserable. How are physicians able to practice in this fashion and still maintain their licence?

  9. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Yeast? That's so 80s. He needs to bring his woo up to date; all the cool woomeisters are talkin' toxins these days.

  10. I have been telling people that Oz is a complete QUACK since his talk show started. It was obvious even in the early days. His lack of knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition is also evident every time he talks about it (which is a lot). Being a cardiac surgeon does not make him a nutrition expert, but in his mind he is an expert on everything. He is a disgrace to the medical profession.

    1. Anonymous4:14 pm

      At last someone said it . . thank you CJ!!
      Dr Oz is a showman not a doctor . . . period!!
      I wonder how good he is in the field he claims to be a specialist. I wish some proper doctors will get together and, put a stop to broadcasting such nonsense and misguiding trusting innocent people.

  11. Wow. This even pisses me off more than Rush Limbaugh calling Michelle Obama fat and a bad role model for eating ribs.

    I've hated this phony Dr. Oz for years. What kind of a douche bag wears scrubs on national tv? Oh right, fake tv doctors.

    p.s. I love how you chose a picture that highlights his neck hair.

    1. Anonymous3:36 pm

      I was once a viewer of the Dr.Oz show not anymore. He's so full of himself.

    2. Anonymous11:48 am

      I think Dr. OZ should not bring people on his show to hawk about new remedies from all over the world.

  12. I suspect this show, like most, is a thinly disguised pay per appearance infomercial. My educated guess is that the topic time is purchased, just like an author appearance on the Today show or Good Morning America, and made to look like an actual guest topic. That would certainly explain the turn around.

    I wonder what the going rate is in Oz? I hear it's 14-25K US for Today.

    Let's face it, "make small easy changes in what you eat and how you move and over time you will slowly lose weight and regain health" does not make for great television. It's like the excitement of watching grass grow!


  13. Recently, I've found myself wondering if the current accepted thinking of VLC diets are really as bad as we have been led to believe (how do they know we are losing muscle mass?). I've grilled my skinny friends about the way they eat, and I was shocked to find how little they eat--and seem satisfied.

    I've tried my share of diets. I am a lifetime member of weight watchers. I lost 50 pounds on Jenny Craig back in the early 90s, but after I had my last child in 1992, I couldn't seem to lose the extra weight I had gained with that pregnancy, and each year, added another 10, until eventually I was again 50 pounds overweight. I joined the low fat bandwagon for 10 years, only to be told later that the low-fat diet was making me fat. I tried the low-carb, and lost weight initially, but hit a roadblock.

    I am the the health nut in my circle of friends. I eat veggies, fruits, whole grains, rarely snack, and am pretty active (play tennis, bike, hike, jog). So when a friend told me she'd lost 20 pounds quickly on the HCG protocol (drops not injections), I was as appalled as all of you are. I parroted back all the same things I've heard, about it destroying your muscle mass and metabolism. But she seemed so THRILLED. I couldn't stop thinking about it...I started researching it, only to prove to her how wrong she was, and yet I couldn't find a study that said losing weight quickly was any worse than the serious risk we face carrying an extra 50 pounds. I was tired of being overweight, and going back two steps for every step of progress I made to be fit...and what did I have to lose? Besides 50 pounds!! I decided to try it. And am I glad I did.

    I lost 10 pounds in 10 days and was ecstatic. I stopped after 23 days, losing 17 pounds, and maintained it for 6 weeks. I went on another round between Thanksgiving and Christmas and lost another 17 pounds (despite a little cheating). I'm coming off another 6 weeks maintenance and haven't gained a pound. I haven't had as much energy in years. I feel great, especially shopping for size 6 pants (started at size 14). My husband joined me for the second round, and lost 20 pounds. Even if you lose weight slowly, doing all the "right" things, there is just as much chance you could gain it back...there is no diet that can can guarantee that you won't regain.

    When I went in for my annual physical last month, my doctor was amazed--not just the weight loss, but my blood work, too. She of course did not approve of how quickly I lost the weight, but she couldn't argue with the numbers on the blood work.

    I'm not selling you anything, I'm just saying...I have no regrets!

    1. Anonymous3:06 pm

      It is interesting to hear this testimony. I have being skepitical of this protocol. Where did you get the drops to buy.

    2. First off, kudos to you for your recent weight loss. I'm an obesity researcher and I follow the science closely. Your assertion is correct...even though dietitians tell people to lose weight more slowly, it's hard to say whether it's actually worse or better for your health than slow and steady weight loss. For people going in for gastric bypass surgery, they put them on a standard VLC liquid diet before surgery just to get liver fat down and improve metabolic profile (glucose, insulin, and blood lipids). So yes, losing weight quickly....on any diet plan....will improve your metabolic profile (in most cases) more quickly. The main reason I recommend that people do not try to lose weight more quickly is that your body and mind do not have sufficient time to adjust to the regimen and more often than not, you end up feeling so deprived that your efforts backfire and you end up binging and putting all the weight back on. Also, quick weight loss may not be healthy for everyone and should be monitored closely by a physician. It is truly a shock to your system and can, in some cases, result in electrolyte imbalances, heart problems, and other serious medical complications. There is no magic pill or injection...sustained weight loss is hard work, and takes time.

    3. Anonymous3:54 pm

      I am also a fan of HCG, best thing I have ever done for myself. I'm presently on my 4th round, and I believe my final round. I have never felt better. The weight loss isn’t easy, but not because of the low calories. I definitely believe that the HCG takes care of that for us. What is difficult is the mental hunger. We are constantly bombarded with food ads on TV and everywhere. Then there is the issue of how much sugar is added to all the food we buy. If nothing else this diet helps people to realize what a horrible addiction sugar has become. I do believe it is the root of evil in our modern diets. Since I have started to eat following the rules of HCG, we have reduced our garbage to one small office sized garbage bag per week, no more packaged food........ No matter how people look at that, anyone who is aware of today’s eating problems; you'd have to agree this is an improvement. I honestly can’t say enough “good” about the HCG diet. Just like life...... it’s a personal journey, and our decisions are our own

  14. I'm watched a few of the Dr. Oz shows and figured he sold out. Plus the show is so low budget cheesy. The last show I watched had some older super models on to share their anti aging secrets. They all had extensive plastic surgery and they all denied it.. One claimed her answer to skincare was vaseline. I'm thinking maybe Botox but I doubt vaseline..

  15. Debi - you just proved Dr. Freedhoff's point - since the homeopathic HCG drops are the equivalent of water.

    VLCD diets can certainly be effective for losing a large amount of weight quickly and (relatively) safely: the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition offers one such program selected patients ( ).

    As an FYI, however, I work with amateur natural bodybuilders (+ a random few fitness models). And I can assert, with complete confidence, that not a single one of them would ever consider this approach for leaning out. Most competitors begin cutting at least 12 weeks prior to a comp - because they know that radical deprivation would cost them the lean mass they've worked so hard to build... not to mention it would be virtually impossible for them to work out (y'see, unlike your "skinny" friends, bodybuilders - women as well as men - have to eat well).

    Y'see "they" know extreme dieters lose muscle mass, because quite a few measurements have been made and published in the scientific literature. Such losses are less extreme with people who have a lot of excess fat to lose, but become much more pronounced with continued weight loss. To take but one example, a recent study on gastric bypass patients (whose restricted nutrition is a good model for very low calorie dieting) documented significant and steady lean mass losses along with the fat loss ( )

    Of course, not everyone who plays with fire gets burned. It's great that you're happy with your outcome, but it's NOT the way to go.

    1. Anonymous4:33 pm

      I work with professional (yes they have the card) all natural bodybuilders and they absolutely do go very low carb. However, they eat a ton of calories and they don't lose mass. They didn't when they were amatures though. Possibly the difference

  16. The HCG Diet – Just Another Scam -

  17. Anonymous7:26 am

    @Debi....Your alleged "healthy" diet seems to not include any protein, which has clearly been demonstrated to aid in fat loss, even vegan. I guarantee I wouldn't want to look like you do even at a size 6, which I also don't believe.

    There's no chick 50 lbs overweight who is able to jog on a regular basis. You wouldn't have the energy with that food plan.

    You're only selling yourself on this story.

  18. To all of the haters on this blog. Dr.Oz is a great person and and amazing Doctor. There is nothing phony about this man. He saved my life this past January and performed Quintuple by pass on me. I had gone to other Doctors who didn't even pick up on this problem. He wears scrubs because he is a real Doctor. Has multiple degrees and 8 best selling books and numerous patents for surgical procedures. Oh I forgot to tell you the most important thing he did this for FREE. Say what you want myself my friends and my family know the truth about this great Person and Doctor.

    1. Anonymous10:51 pm

      being good at your job doesn't meen you are not a sell out. The language he uses is that of a snake oil salesman.

    2. Anonymous3:32 pm

      no one said he's not good at his profession.
      But giving advice concerning other matters such as vaccines, hcg and so on. He has no business. He's against it and then he's for it. And we know why.... big pharma, vaccine
      companys and other large corporations have finally got to him.

  19. Joanie11:16 am

    I am not a viewer of The Dr. Oz show,so I have formed no opinion of him. Although after reading all the comments here,I would like to interject a few of my own. I am only a Personal Trainer and I do diet consulting for all of my clients as well. I am also an Ametuer Figure competitor. I have to diet pretty much year round. Not as much during the off-season. I maintain a low body-fat all year. Living this is a lifestyle,not a crazy crash diet. Most people who do crash diets only have the dissapointment of gaining it all back, and then some. You have to change your lifestyle. Eating healthly whole foods, and lowering your simple carbs, and plenty of lean protein with small amounts of healthy fats. Also finding out your basil metabolic rate,so you know what you are burning in a day. And for weight loss,lowering about 500 calories from that amount. Its not rocket science, and it doesnt cost thousands to find this out.If people would get it out of their minds that losing weight requires their own effort,we wouldn't have all these greedy people getting rich off of them. Enough said...Joanie

  20. bananacat11:48 am


    It sounds like you have tried many diets in the past and either didn't lose weight or regained. And it sounds like the this HCG thing will just be another fad diet that you can add to your list. Of course starving yourself will make you lose weight initially. If you still have the weight off in 5 years, then maybe your anecdote will be worth listening to.

    FWIW, "rarely snacking" is absolutely not a healthy eating strategy. It's far better to have small snacks throughout the day (at least 2 or 3), than to get hungry and eat larger meals.

  21. I have the cure to obesity...the one answer they're all looking's simple...and the cure is..."making the right decisions"..that is food/nutrition wise. You make a decision to put chips or carrots in your mouth. You make a decision to go for a walk or sit and watch tv. You make a decision to cook a 15 min dinner or take 20 min going from your house to the drive thru at McD's.

  22. Anonymous9:58 pm

    First of all, let's stop the personal attacks and name-calling; it's just immature. Secondly, I have never done the HCG diet nor am I promoting it. HOWEVER, I did read the. pdf protocol on the diet and I think you all should before making wild and inaccurate statements. There is a preloading period, the diet phase which only lasts 21 days at a time, the 3 small meals are LC,LF and high protein...which would be muscle sparing. After the 500 cal phase, it continues to be LC but now you can eat more fat. The Italian doc who pioneered the diet tests all subjects and makes adjustments where needed. I believe the studies comparing to other diets were probably flawed which is why numerous people are successful with it and the study showed the opposite. I'd like to see the actual study to see if the HCG diet was followed exactly as required.

  23. How about this? You don't eat (ie, FAST) a couple of days a week, say, from after lunch one day, until after lunch the next day. Yes, it's called FASTING! And, you know what? It works. Google Eat, Stop, Eat. It's as simple as that. I've lost over 13 pounds in ten months; yes, slow loss is GOOD!

    1. Dont eat your limit , limit your eating!

  24. Thanks for the post. I agree with you . . . Dr. Oz sold himself out. I was very unimpressed by his presentation and had to turn off the program.
    He is giving the practice of medicine a bad name, especially evidence based bariatric medicine.
    See the position statement by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians

    I like the blog. Keep it up!

  25. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Couple of things to remember, folks:

    1. Dr Oz works for Oprah.
    2. Oprah is rumoured to have told a publisher "it's just business," immediately after taping the show where she lured on James Fey and ripped him a new one for the American public and her fantastically lucrative book club
    3. Oprah dictates the tone of her spin off shows ultimately as their executive producer and production company head
    4. This is but the latest in a long line of "professionals" that have hit the jackpot by being blessed by Oprah, all of whom were brought on the inspire hope

    To me, Oprah is no better than exercise magazines who exist solely to sell hope to the frustrated men and women of the world who are told constantly they need to look a certain way. She is a marketer.

    Under Oprah's production umbrella, so is Dr Oz.


    1. Anonymous5:31 am

      You took the words out of my mouth. I agree 100% with everything you said here. I wish Oprah would co completely away...for good.

  26. Now it seems that since he has a show he simply will promote things just to look like he is agreeable with others in the field. Or maybe it could be he just wants to make some money and doesn't really care about a person's health like he once did. It would make more sense if he would have said that in the past I was against this but after research...etc. I guess to each his/her own. We have to be smart and follow what we truly believe. Sadly in the fitness/weight loss industry people will sell you on everything.


  27. Apparently, Dr. Oz is motivated entirely by profit, and completely irresponsible to boot.

    It is a well established fact that the hCG protool (which combines hCG injections, a VLCD and regular follow ups with a medical professional - which introduces a factor of accountability into the diet) does not outperform a placebo (which eliminates the hCG from the equation).

    To use his credentials as a M.D. with celebrity status to suggest otherwise is reprehensible; many of his fans will take his word as gospel truth, refusing to entertain the possibility that he is utterly and totally wrong.

    This will cost them dearly - both financially and emotionally.

    There are already enough people who reply with an angry, knee jerk reactions when presented with the truth...

    ... we certainly do not need any more.

    And to base the justification of his recommendations on personal testimonials?


  28. Anonymous6:59 pm

    What ev's. The HCG program works. I'm living proof.

  29. Michele, BScN, RN5:11 pm

    nice trash talk blog. Sad, Dr Oz may not be perfect but he does give out some good advice and he does motivate people to change to a healther lifestyle.....what have all of you done for others lately? Not saying you have to but that good old saying fits well here "Let him who is without fault cast the first stone.." I think you just need to use common sense when seeking advise from ANY DR. If it's seem "not quit right" get a 2nd, 3rd, even 4th opinion. It is time we take responsibilty for our own health.

    1. Anonymous4:32 pm

      He's not perfect, and He is making money and He works for Opra, but He is teaching people about food and health. He cares more for peoples health than the fast food companies.

  30. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Ladies and gentlemen, let's use our brains here. We are intelligent people and are able to separate the "wheat from the chaff". He is not saying that he has all the answers nor is he saying that they apply to all. He is simply saying "pay attention to your body and the messages it is sending you". If that means cutting back on crap food and incorporating healthy additions (like chia seeds on your salad) then he is worth listening to. How many people want the magic pill like slim band surgery or liposuction to get rid of their excesses tto turn back time instead of facing the obvious and watching their food, vitamin and medicine intakes and doing more exercises. We were not born this way and our bad choices are beginning to show as we get older. We need to be aware of what he is advocating and then take a good long look at ourselves in the mirror and decide what we want. If you do that and come to a decision to transform yourself for the good, then he has done his job. Use your heads and think it through!

  31. Anonymous5:10 pm

    I dont know what all the fuss is about... He is a Dr and trying to help us make better choices. I would love to get off all my meds and replace them and go with the natural choices. The pharmaceutical companys make us reliant on their meds, because thats all that most Md's learn in medical school, and until they start teaching and approaching it from that angle, it costs too much to see the Naturalists.. And take a look at all the recalls & deaths and damage the prescription meds have done to people. And this is what Dr Oz has stressed.. He just gives us the information and lets us go with it. I do not feel he is a sell out..

  32. Anonymous10:35 am

    Bla bla bla bla bla come on people stop your whining and bashing. He gives out information. He does not forse anyone to do anything. Be smart and use your own judgement. If you find some of his information interesting then go and do your own research on it. What is good for one person may not be good for another.. You don't have to agree with everything he says but I'm sure that it is not all bad. Best advice!!' before you start anything see your DOCTOR!!!!

  33. He's STILL very interesting, and the controversial claims he presents are themselves "hard nuts to crack" for most of the lay viewers, so that's the work that is ahead of those who want to help the general public toward greater enlightenment and understanding of their own role in maintaining health.

    But what about plant-based diets and exercise, brushing one's teeth, and adequate sleep?

    Sorting out the product hype from the really GOOD advice is tedious for some, for not that difficult for most others.

  34. Well, I cannot believe the criticism here. Dr. Oz points out many things that a more "natural" and even singles out products that are not natural - which most don't do and has created a lot of controversy among advertisers. Even when you get advice from a doctor it is not always good advice and being in the field of nutrition, most MD's have little knowledge of nutrition. I've been around physicians for years and I see them consult the drug company reps in properly prescribing medications for lack of their own knowledge. People need to open things up - I find criticism is just that you can't tolerate others that are not within your mental boundaries and education.

    I'm surprise at the comments here that people are quick to judge - usually they are the ones ensconced in their own training and mental gyrations that they can't entertain another point of view. I appreciate what modern medicine has to offer, but good Lord, let others do what they want and let people decide how they want to be treated. The doctors here act like gods who know better. Even if you do know better, you will never get the trust of others if you can't be open and I wouldn't want your narrow vision which can't consider medical alternatives.

  35. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Wow, so quick to label Dr. Oz "a quack" and to deny individuals the right to try HCG. I'd ask myself why there is a link to Quackwatch on this page?

    I see no reason to deny people who are willing to pay for HCG the right to try it as a first line treatment. Perhaps Health Canada could better spend their time studying if the halides such as the fluoride in the tap water are responsible for the sluggishness of my thyroid?

  36. Agree completely

  37. Jane G10:31 am

    You want some testimonials? I have 5 friends who've done hCG in the past 5 years. They ALL lost mad amounts of weight, either reaching or getting close to their healthy weights (as the BMI flies). They've all put the weight back on, some put on a little extra. Three are suffering severe health problems similar to those experienced by many on health forums discussing hCG side effects. My friend who was on the protocol the longest and lost over 100 lbs joked about how her hair and nails stopped growing (in fact, her hair started falling out--they all experienced this) so she didn't have to get them done while she was on the protocol. She started having severe migraines while on hCG, and she still has them 3 years later. Last year, she developed uterine tumors that her doctors couldn't explain and had to have a full hysterectomy. Another friend, who did the protocol last year--the most recent of my friends--has developed polyps and has been suffering all sorts of infections--recently, interstitial cystitis, tonsilitis, and diverticulitis. A third has been trying to get pregnant but is fighting against infertility, which is ironic since hCG can help with infertility IF administered at the correct time. Just like with any other testimonials, my friends' aren't proof, but before they did the protocol, they were overweight, but otherwise they were healthy stock who DIDN'T get sick much. For a good time, research hCG and immunosuppression! You can research your own info--there are more and more testimonials coming out against hCG as the people who were fooled by it when it peaked 2 years ago. I used to see ads for it everywhere, and I'm feeling both glad and suspicious that almost all of those ads have disappeared; I'm wondering if news of its side effects is finally reaching those who used to prescribe it for weight loss.

  38. Anonymous5:28 am

    I can't stand Dr. Oz, he is corrupted by fame, he is so narcissistic another one of Oprahs quacky people

  39. I tried the HCG diet in the clinic of famed Canadian Bariatric Clinic and paid a fortune for my misery. 500 calories a day, had to be checked daily to be sure that body was in Ketosis. Got the daily hormonal injections too. Was bruised all over my butt. Yes, I did lose 46 lb. very quickly but ended up in hospital in reverse isolation with such low white cell count that I had 4 different kinds of viruses all at once. Was hospitalized for a week and as soon as I started eating normally all the weight came back and more. Never again. Did the clinic take responsibility? No. However, about a year later the HCG shots were banned.

  40. Anonymous2:34 pm

    I tried this HCG diet in Canada in the 1970's & 500 calories a day diet came with it. well it seems this crap caused heart damage, muscle loss & a whole lot of other crap. My mother used to call me in the middle of the night to see if I was still alive. Dr. Oz seems to promote the green bean coffee diet, the rasperberry one & now the garcinian cambogia, which I was stupid enuf to try & no success. Dr.Oz ....very disappointed in this man...time to cancel his show.

  41. Tammis10:47 pm

    I use to enjoy Dr. Oz episodes but now find them kind of sillyand somewhat repetitive. I do however check him out on line and read/watch whatever may be of interest to me. Dr. Oz is a doctor...not God..we are all responsible for our own lives, healthy or otherwise. He has a platform in which to inform us of new/good/bad fads, diets what have you; it is up to us as to what we will do with that information.

  42. Anonymous2:59 pm

    He is no different than his mentor Oprah, who tells people what they should read, and company including phil. But who is the ultimate sell out is montel Williams, with his loan sharks commercials

  43. Anonymous5:45 pm

    I am an MD and appreciate that there are still some of us who aren't phonies. He has become a TV huckster, no better than the snake oil salesmen of the past. BLECH. Thanks for your post.

  44. Anonymous12:59 pm

    I thought he was real, now I am so disappointed. You are probably going to tell me that All my children isn't real people, that would ruin my whole day.

  45. Anonymous12:41 pm

    He has a big scary mouth and speaks out of both sides of it.