Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm up for a new blogging award

Blogging's actually a tough job and given that I've explicitly avoided monetizing my blog, my rewards are engaged readers. Oh, and little badge thingies on my side bar.

If you're a fan of this blog and you want to help me get a new little badge-y thing, consider taking a moment and heading over to Reader's Digests' Best Health Magazine where Weighty Matters is up for one of their 2011 Best Health Blog Awards in the category of "Get Healthy".

And it wouldn't just be the badge - Weighty Matters would also be featured in Best Health Magazine's summer issue and in turn that'd help increase exposure.

To vote, simply click on the photo up above or click here and it'll take you to their voting page. You can vote each and every day up until voting closes on March 21st.

While you're there, have a poke around some of the other blogs - I found a few on there I hadn't seen before.


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  1. Anonymous9:16 am

    Hit Girl. Because she doesn't ignore the fitness and addiction factors.

  2. This is a link to some very youthful sites so don't think you're on the wrong page. I clicked expecting to find the usual variety of health blogs with a special section for obesity doctors. The categories are Look Great, Eat Well, Get Healthy and Embrace Life. Yoni's blog is at the bottom (alphabetical) of the Get Healthy list. I haven't checked all the blogs yet but I suspect Yoni is the only physician.