Friday, May 20, 2011

Best marriage proposal ever!

As the father of three beautiful little girls, I can only hope that they all meet people who love them as deeply as it would seem the man who put together this wedding proposal does his soon-to-be bride.

Today's Funny Friday is more of a feel good Friday, but it's a doozy, and if you're an email subscriber, may be worth a blog visit to watch.

(Sorry I didn't ask first father-in-law Mike! I thought I should ask Stacey first. Now that I'm a dad....)

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  1. Well that just makes all us regular guys look bad!

    For balance, there are a number of 'failed marriage proposal' clips over on you tube to watch (wincing and through fingers!)

  2. That sure beats my "proposal", which consisted of looking up from a mountain of paperwork one day and saying "Hey, we should get married".

    "When?" he replied.

    "I dunno. Let's see how quickly we can throw something together."

    Ever the romantic, I am.

  3. I like to tell people that my wife parachuted out of an airplane in a gorilla suit to land on one knee in my parents' backyard to propose to me.

    She tells a slightly different story.

  4. Andrea12:39 am

    I never even got a proposal, so that gal better hold on to him tight!!! lol Although in all fairness I have been married for 9 years now so he's done something right! ;)