Tuesday, May 31, 2011

McD's "snack size" McFlurry is a Snickers Bar dissolved in a can of Coca Cola!

So apparently McDonald's is rolling out a new "snack sized" McFlurry.

Sounds low-cal-ish, right?


The new McFlurry's 15 teaspoons of added sugar helps pack its 430 calorie bottom line. That's 7 calories more than you'd get "snacking" on a Snickers Bar and then washing it down with a can of Coca Cola.

With "snacks" like that, who needs meals?

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  1. I am actually gob smacked at this statistic - 15 teaspoons! Wow!

  2. Anonymous3:04 pm

    With this, I dont' want to know what is in a full size McFlurry.

  3. Wow. They sure know how to get you addicted to sugar. Everybody would fair better to have a healthier food choice to snack on. Tsktsk.

  4. Anonymous7:49 pm

    To be honest, I was excited that finally there was a smaller McFlurry, because I buy them sometimes. Thinking of the comparison though I'll be awfully sure that I really want one before buying.

  5. Anonymous11:48 pm

    A snickers bar and coke?

    Wow, that's great! Think of the gas I'll save with one stop shopping at the 7-11, once a week with 21 of each. SB&C, three times a day will be under the 1500 calories I aim for, so that means I can LOSE WEIGHT on this diet.

    No fiddling with weights, calories, nutrition balancing, stuff I hate the taste of, taking a half day or more to calculate, shop, drive, unload, unpack, wash, chop, store, cook, clean, recycle, take out the garbage.

    I could even have one 100 or so calorie snack each day. Yum. I'll deep fry one of them, and top it with whipped creme.

    Thanks doc!