Thursday, May 05, 2011

What's worse than deep frying?

"Finger Cooking" - referring to using one's fingers to call in a meal.

It's also a series of commercials from Heart and Stroke Foundation darling Boston Pizza.

Sadly, the fact that these commercials exist suggest that there are plenty of folks who can readily relate (email subscribers, you'll have to head to the blog to watch the video).

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  1. ... what an odd ad

  2. Finger cooking played a HUGE part in my obesity. Don't do it folks!

  3. "Kitchen=cage"

    Maybe it does feel like that if you don't have the knowledge and skills to buy,prepare and eat food.

    The admen aren't daft, they know who their market is, and this ad seems to hit the bullseye.

    The phrase 'finger cooking' is all about reducing guilt or concern, making something appear less harmful than it is. I can see it catching on.

    Over here in the UK we have a new TV ad. It starts off with a (non obese) family preparing for a picnic outside in the garden, late evening sunshine shining on a happy family. Healthy children running around playing, checked tablecloth laid out on the picnic table, friends (non obese) arriving and being greeted with hugs and smiles to be presented with.........................................................

    A bucket of fried chicken.

  4. I was thinking that's a pretty nice cage and of course the ad plays into the cooking is tough thing.

    Oh yes, BP where the lowest calorie meal is ~900 and that's a salad.

  5. Anonymous9:09 am

    There are far too many negative connotations in this advert to take it seriously without risking a brain blowout. Cage, work, effort, health, taste, cost...

    BP should be ashamed. They keep trying to follow me on my personal and business Twitter feeds. I blocked them every time. My husband questioned by I blocked them from our biz Twitter feed. All I said was their tweets were all about how to convince us their food had changed when in fact it hadn't. It only morphs into new dishes from time to time. Shit is still shit, no matter how you plate it. Blech. And I know plenty of twitter follows who refuse to go into any BP where tweetups are happening monthly. Sneaking shits, aren't they? *head shaking*


  6. Besides the inevitability of overeating finger foods, buying them in most families means less money and motivation for preparing healthy food for the days that follow. That's why it's important to look at a week's food consumption because what is chosen today has impact on an entire week of choices.

  7. "...everyone wants something different"? Wow, I was such a mean mum when my kids were preteens/teens. I made sure they knew that if they really could not stand what was served for dinner, they always had the option of making themselves a peanut butter sandwich.

    And then there is the guilt trip of spending time in the kitchen (cage) instead of helping your kid with his art project.

  8. BP -- Fructose as a browning agent on steaks and burgers, HFCS as a salad wash to prevent browning of salads, 24% trans fat in deep fryer. I can cook a thick juicy steak in 10 minutes, and steam a few frozen vegs, and serve. Those who want something else can either cook it or eat what is served.

    I also keep a soup pot in the fridge, for breakfasts and lunches. The leftovers go into it.
    Add a few vegs, maybe a bit of bacon, cabbage, rice or whatever will go with it, and there is a constantly changing soup ready for the next meal. All the vegetable water is added, any any fat or drippings. such a quick and economical meal.

    But then I only need 1400 C/ day.

  9. Anonymous7:08 pm

    An advertisement with a man preparing a meal for the family? Sorry, I was too distracted by that to bother caring about BP.

  10. Anonymous6:00 am

    I wish I had that lovely kitchen, and I bet lots of people wish that they were slim like that guy. The commercial would be an abysmal failure if BP actually showed a real, messy kitchen with a tired, stressed-out mother ordering pizza while a kid screams in the background at a barking dog. Which is how it really is!