Thursday, April 05, 2012

Since When Did "Responsible Medicine" Include Vilifying Obesity?

You may have never heard of them, but there's an organization out there called the, "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine".

While that sounds right up my alley, I've never joined because despite sharing some views (like dairy not being a magic fairy food), the stances they seem to take, to me, bordered on zealotry, and zealotry ain't me.

One of their positions is that meat will kill you and that going vegan's the best way to go.

More recently they've decided to promote that message by tying veganism with skinniness.

First off let me tell you, I've had my share of vegan patients. That's not surprising because while vegetables are healthful, there's plenty of vegan calories to go around, and to suggest going vegan automatically will lead to weight loss is in fact irresponsible as it's simply not an if/then statement, and in my mind at least, misinforming patients is not "Responsible Medicine".

But you know what's really not "Responsible Medicine"? Contributing to the weight stigma faced by folks with obesity by making fun of people who struggle with their weights and portraying them in a negative light.

Take a gander at this advertisement and tell me, do you think the "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine" is responsibly addressing a chronic medical condition?

The message I get from it is along the lines of obese people are oafish, clumsy, thoughtless, boobs, and that "fat" is "sickening".

Shame on you PCRM, both for your misinformation on veganism and obesity, as well as for your perpetuation of hateful weight bias, but thank you for reaffirming my decision not to sign up.