Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Stories: Bloomberg, More Bloomberg, and Processed Food

The studies behind the Bloomberg cup size limit.

Marion Nestle on Big Food's response to Bloomberg's cup size limit.

Tom Philpott and the American diet (doubling of processed food consumption since 1982)

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  1. Theresa10:56 am

    Im wondering what your family grocery breakdown generally looks like in comparison to this? I'll bet it is significantly different! :)

  2. I'm wondering if part of the popularity of packaged foods is because they have nutritional information, and so many people are counting calories and grams of nutrients. When you cook for yourself, the content of the food isn't as predictable - unless you're willing to make things even more inconvenient for yourself by precisely measuring every ingredient and making calculations.

    Let's face it. Processed foods are perfect for weight loss dieting and other types of restricted eating. Cooking from scratch is more convenient for people who eat according to internal cues and rules of thumb. I'm a good cook and am snobby about most processed foods, and that's part of the reason why weight loss dieting sounds like as absolute nightmare to me. People who care less about food will be more comfortable eating out of a box and managing everything precisely and consciously.

  3. Hey, I am now making more of my foods from scratch, and yes I weigh and measure everything so I know what the precise calorie counts are. I love my food scale! It's really not that time-consuming or inconvenient to do so. I also weigh and measure my snacks. Again, now that I've been doing it 3+ months, it's just something I do now and I don't think of it as inconvenient.