Thursday, November 22, 2012

Parental "No" Files: Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts?!

So today Royal Roads Public School in Ingersol, Ontario is selling their students $2 "candy bags" to support Hurricane Sandy's relief effort.  It doesn't breach Ontario's Healthy Schools Food and Beverage Policy (as that allows for 10 days of junk food fundraising speaking to the value of the policy), but no doubt it does undermine some parents' efforts to limit their children's exposure to and consumption of candy.

Is there truly no other way to raise money than to sell candy?

But no worries.  As they likely have to do multiple times a day consequent to the world's constant thrusting of junk food at their children against their wishes including in deeply trusted institutions such as our publicly funded school system, parents can just say "No".

[Hat tip to disgruntled parent and healthy living advocate Dr. Jonathan Clow]

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  1. The paucity of creative ideas of such fund-raising is astounding!

    Off the top of my head:
    Selling apples, bananas or oranges.
    A sponsored walk around the school grounds, 10 cents per lap.
    A noon-time music event with a modest admission charge.

    Challenge the classes to come up with competing ideas and then run a campaign for a week.

  2. Anonymous10:00 am

    Bracing myself for when my children are school age and have to sell chocolate bars etcetera. I would rather donate the $2 and not take the candy. I hope by some miracle my child will be cooperative and understand. Right now she is too young to understand and cries her eyes out when the all the other kids at daycare get a juicebox 2x/day. She doesnt understand why I don't want her to have it. So I give in. All around sad.

  3. Anonymous10:08 am

    When I was in school, we switched up our fundraising efforts, including things like selling oranges and holiday cards. There are other possibilities out there.

  4. Anonymous8:13 pm

    As easy as it is for ''parents to just say no'', as easy it is for anyone to not buy those! I don't agree with '' does undermine some parents' efforts to limit their children's exposure to and consumption of candy.'' because we as parents are the ones that have to teach our children the REASON we are limiting their exposure and consumption of candy. You really think that them not seeing it anywhere is going to prevent them from having any?? Really? What are they going to do when they go off on their own are are subjected to junk food at every corner? They have to learn to be around it and control themselves rather than learn to hide the actuality of it! Because this event was around Halloween time, you really think apples and oranges were going to be a hit? What world are you livning in? When I am offered to buy a chocolate bar, candy or whatever junk food for some kind of fundraising, it's really up to me to say yes or no, period! Why make such a big deal of it? Better choices COULD have been made, but as much as I understand that there are a lot of parents who don't care what their children put in their mouths, is that really any of my business or responsibility? Not at all. I'm responsible for myself and my children, no one else. If I can easily say no when I'm asked to buy candy for whatever reason, everyone else should be able to say no as well...instead of throwing fault and responsibility back to the school. I bet that people who complain are the ones that don't show up at school meetings to make these decisions in the first place!