Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Stories: Competitive Sports Bans, Aboriginal Deaths, and GMOs

Gawker covers the story of Spelman College - a College that's ditching competitive sports for elite athletes and focusing on fitness for all students.

The Globe and Mail's André Picard delivers an absolutely scathing and shaming must-read piece on Canada's failure to address the unanswered murders of hundreds of aboriginal women.

Dr. David Katz, as he often does, says what I'm thinking, and as pretty much always, he does so about 100 times more eloquently than I ever could have.  This time on the defeated proposition 37 that would have had genetically modified foods labeled as such.

And in case you missed it - here's my weekly column for US News and World Report's Eat + Run blog. This week? The 3 most dangerous words in weight management.