Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Want to See Kellogg's Latest Cereal Marketing BS?

Yes, my kids like Rice Krispies, and yes, we even buy some from time to time.

Pulling out the box yesterday morning I noticed that brand-spangled new claim up above,
"Goodness of a Simple Grain"
The way it's featured and highlighted and the word, "goodness", all scream health benefit.

But of course it means absolutely nothing.

Except likely sales.

And for the record - I don't blame Kellogg's for front-of-package health claim cow pies, I blame the government for not giving a crap.

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  1. I remember the commercials where they asked people what Rice Kripies are made with and so many folks didn't say "rice". The emphasis was on the ignorance of the consumer because they tasted so good (?) Perhaps they needed to remind people of the main ingredient? Can't wait for Canadian health claim labels saying "made with all- natural HFCs!".

  2. Is this a consequence of the federal government's stance on not policing labelling any more? I think we all know that abuse starts small and builds from there.

    But there is a secondary issue here, the statement is subtle and manipulative but can easily be proven to be true. Rice is a simple grain, is it not? And Rice Krispies taste good, do they not?

    This truly is a consumer ignorance issue. Those who are not freaked out by the high amount on the "sugars" row in the label (assuming the government will even police those to remain accurate) are doomed to forever fight their weight. And their kids are too. (And even this is equivocal since portion control and metabolism have a part to play as well.) *sigh*

  3. Anonymous9:45 am

    Pardon my "ignorance" here but I really don't see the problem... Rice Krispies are made by simple grains, with not much else added. Frankly, they are just rice. That's exactly what the box says, plain and simple. It's just breakfast cereal, I don't see what the big deal is.

  4. @Anonymous - it's the weasel language. "Simple" is good, right? "Goodness" is good, of course.

    Ingredients: Rice (presumably polished white rice), sugar, salt, malt (also sugar) and added vitamins. All good; goodness, gracious me! They even added back some of that stuff that they took out...

    At least they didn't say "Natural goodness".

    OTOH, in the cut-throat world of marketed-at-kids breakfast cereals, Rice Krispies isn't the worst offender. And it must be difficult to keep your market share against all those marshmallow- and fluorescent candy-riddled competitors.

  5. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Ha ha I thought this post was going to be about the new double chocolate cereal Krave but I suppose "satisfy your inner chocovore" doesn't imply any health benefit. White rice fortified with vitamins is what this cereal is. There is a brown rice cereal by Nature's Path and I get that for my son sometimes.

  6. Anonymous2:13 pm

    What's so good about a simple grain? I thought complex carbs were supposed to be all the rage now.

  7. Anonymous2:25 pm

    What is a "simple grain"?

  8. Anonymous4:53 pm

    That's exactly what I was thinking! Since when are "simple" carbs a good thing?

  9. Anonymous8:14 am

    As far as breakfast cereals go, I'm more inclined to pick up Rice Krispies because it is in fact a real grain that isn't processed within an inch of its life, over some of the other stuff out there. Even the "healthy" cereals are loaded with crap we don't need, like extra sugars. And really, at 3 grams of sugar per serving, it's not terrible compared to Kashi which has 9-13 grams/serving.