Friday, November 02, 2012

Recall-A Meat Lozenges and the Delicious Taste of Doing Nothing

Thanks to Twitter's @renesugar for tipping me off to these three great Rick Mercer videos.

The first is his not particularly funny (not supposed to be) rant on XL foods and the scale of their organization.

The second and third are this week's Funny Friday videos. First up? Recall-A beef lozenges.

And next is Ritz' Something I Should Have Mentioned BBQ Sauce (BTW - Gerry Ritz is Canada's agriculture Minister. In a recent CBC poll 84% of nearly 3,500 respondents felt he should resign consequent to his handling of meat inspections and the XL beef recall)


Have a great weekend!

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  1. Roman Korol9:06 am

    Great find! As to the first video and Rick Mercer's rant about XL Foods. what a wonderful thing is anonymity, especially when sanctioned by the ptb (powers that be). As Mercer says, here we have XL Foods' owners and operators: . . . who the hell are they, anyway? Does anyone know? Does anyone care?

    On the other hand we have a similar situation pertaining to genetically modified foods. These (anonymous) foods may be the most wonderful thing in the world; or, they may be poison. Do we really know? I don't think so. We appear to be the guinea pigs in the experiment to prove them out. Shouldn't we have the choice as to whether we want to eat them or not, as folks in 50 other countries on this planet do? And why are the makers and profiteers fighting tooth and nail to avoid identifying those foods on the label (ref the lavishly-funded NO campaign against California's Proposition 37). Does anyone know? Anyone care?

  2. What a fun way to get across an important message. Is anyone still wondering why I'm willing to pay more for naturally raised meat from local producers?

  3. No one cares. Period.