Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Stories: "Kid Food", "Wrong" diets, & Calling Yourself Beautiful

The inimitable Marion Nestle on why kids don't need kid foods.

Skeptic North's irreverent Erik Davis on how he lost 40lbs "doing everything wrong"

Amanda on the ignominy of self scrutiny around kids and why she's started telling her daughters she's beautiful (an awesome piece).

And if you missed it, my piece from US News and World Report this week on why you should be inviting Charles Darwin over for dinner.

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  1. Stephanie7:40 am

    Thank you for sharing Amanda's blog post. It's something I really do forget to do.

  2. loved the lose 40 lbs by doing EVERYTHING wrong story!

    thanks for the link!

    su :)

  3. Roman Korol10:38 am

    I liked your article in US News and World Report, and the analogy you draw between the process of natural selection and the food choices we make.

    As per Darwin's theory, evolution is a mixture of chance and necessity - chance at the level of variation, necessity in the working of natural selection. It's up to us influence that "necessity" aspect to our advantage, by making healthful food choices.