Monday, December 03, 2012

SMART Resolution Give Away ($100 Sport Chek Gift Card)

A little while back I was invited to get involved with Canadian fitness retailer Sport Chek and their "Your Better Starts Here" campaign.  Viewing it I felt it resonated with own philosophy surrounding healthful living - live the healthiest lives that you can enjoy, and while there's no doubt that effort will be involved, striving to be perfect shouldn't be.  On the other hand, striving to be "better"? That fits.

Last week Sport Chek sent me a $100 gift card. They said I could give it away to whomever I chose.

So here's how it'll work. It's nearly the time of year where people resolve to improve aspects of their lives. Leave me a comment with something you're hoping to do better and if your resolution is a SMART one, you'll be entered into a draw for the gift card. I'll post the winner at the end of tomorrow's blog post and if you send me your address, I'll mail you the gift card.

Remember, SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and realistic, and time-bound, meaning a goal to "exercise more" won't qualify, whereas a goal to walk, 3 days a week, for 20 minutes, over lunch hours, for a month - would. Similarly a goal to "eat healthier" won't cut it, whereas a goal to eat out fewer than 3 times per month for the next two months would.

I realize that Sport Chek's a Canadian retailer so international readers - sorry - but feel free to leave your own resolutions in the comments and simply make note of the fact you're not from Canada.

[Special Ottawa bonus giveaway - I have 12 leftover Halloween coupons valid for a free admission to the Walter Baker Centre for a swim or a skate. They're at my front desk (575 West Hunt Club, Suite 100) and they'll be first come first served to pick up with the limit being the number of kids in your family - when they're gone, they're gone]