Monday, December 03, 2012

SMART Resolution Give Away ($100 Sport Chek Gift Card)

A little while back I was invited to get involved with Canadian fitness retailer Sport Chek and their "Your Better Starts Here" campaign.  Viewing it I felt it resonated with own philosophy surrounding healthful living - live the healthiest lives that you can enjoy, and while there's no doubt that effort will be involved, striving to be perfect shouldn't be.  On the other hand, striving to be "better"? That fits.

Last week Sport Chek sent me a $100 gift card. They said I could give it away to whomever I chose.

So here's how it'll work. It's nearly the time of year where people resolve to improve aspects of their lives. Leave me a comment with something you're hoping to do better and if your resolution is a SMART one, you'll be entered into a draw for the gift card. I'll post the winner at the end of tomorrow's blog post and if you send me your address, I'll mail you the gift card.

Remember, SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and realistic, and time-bound, meaning a goal to "exercise more" won't qualify, whereas a goal to walk, 3 days a week, for 20 minutes, over lunch hours, for a month - would. Similarly a goal to "eat healthier" won't cut it, whereas a goal to eat out fewer than 3 times per month for the next two months would.

I realize that Sport Chek's a Canadian retailer so international readers - sorry - but feel free to leave your own resolutions in the comments and simply make note of the fact you're not from Canada.

[Special Ottawa bonus giveaway - I have 12 leftover Halloween coupons valid for a free admission to the Walter Baker Centre for a swim or a skate. They're at my front desk (575 West Hunt Club, Suite 100) and they'll be first come first served to pick up with the limit being the number of kids in your family - when they're gone, they're gone]

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  1. My SMART goals are to be able to do 5 pull ups (by end of January) and run 10 K. Sounds small but I made myself the same kind of goal for military style pushups. I trained hard and can do them with ease now! Also, I used to run quite a bit but an old injury sidelined me. My goal is to be running a 10 K by the end of May (hopefully in time for the Sporting Life 10K in Toronto!)

  2. I'm not waiting until the New Year; I'm starting my resolution now!

    Exercise: Take the stairs to the 7th floor every day at work. Walk 3 days a week, for 20 min., over lunch. Walk the dog every day for 30 min. Do this for the next two months (note: I'll be off work for a week for the holidays, so I'll do an extra 20 min. walk every day during that week to make up for no stair exercise).

    Food: Only eat out at restaurants when invited by friends, maximum 3 times per month. Every weekend, learn one new recipe. Do this for the next two months. (note: during the holidays there are usually way too many dessert items around, I will only eat one dessert item per dinner, instead of snacking on cookies, cakes, candies, etc throughout the day. Mom is supposed to be helping with this by baking less this year!)

  3. I already eat healthy and exercise daily (I'm perfect, of course), so my resolution is on behalf of my kids. I resolve that no matter how crappy the weather or how busy we are, I will make sure my kids do something active every weekend between now and spring (whatever the official date of the beginning of spring is).

  4. My SMART goal is to complete in a team mini-marathon in May as the swimmer. I want to increase my speed so I don't let the team down - so I will swim for practice three times a week and time myself, attempting to shave of several seconds a week. I will do strength training three times a week. This is just a small step up from what I currently do, so will achievable, and I will be able to increase training by either adding time to my workouts or increasing the intensity I am working out at. I will also continue to refine my eating habits, with the help of a registered dietitian, with the main goal of re-defining my snacking, which is the time I tend to grab simple carbs, and snack more like an athlete might. The most important thing is that I will not feel guilt for any mistakes I make but will learn from them, and will laugh and have fun on marathon day. It will be really fun to see to how I can improve my strength and speed (cardio fitness) and fun to bond with fit people, as we have arranged some group fitness/training events. So I guess I'm reaching some social goals as well, with finding new social activities that don't involve food or restaurants.


  5. Kristine7:37 am

    With 2 kids under 4, and early bedtimes all around, it can be a real challenge to get out in the evenings for exercise. My SMART goal is to alternate with my husband on whose “turn” it will be to get out for some fresh air and exercise. He is a runner and is already very committed, but I would like to use his days off to get out for a 20 minute walk at least twice a week for the remainder of the winter. Also, I am making a pledge to sit less at work, stretch much more often, and avoid indulging in empty calorie office sweets unless it is a special occasion! No end date!

  6. Laura Bjorklund7:46 am

    I am going to do 2 sets of 10 reps each of 2 different total body resistance exercises (e.g. deadlifts) twice per week until May 2013 at the YMCA with my husband.

  7. Last week, I decided that this coming year is going to be a year to accomplish a few SMART goals (and perhaps a few that don't really fall within those guidelines lol). These include: Running my first half marathon and completing Tough Mudder in May (specifically, May 13th and 26th, 2013, respectively), taking an average of 65,000 steps per week to combat the effects of my desk job, limiting my coffee intake to 12oz per day, and working towards eating 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day - especially when I'm training for my runs, working to transition my husband to an anti-inflammation eating plan, averaging 5 clients per month in my health coaching business, and spending as much time with my kids (2 year old twins!) as possible!!

  8. My smart goal is to walk on my lunch hours 4 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes until dec 31st. If the weather does not permit this then I will replace it doing 30 minutes of Leslie Sansone walking video. If I'm entered into the draw pls let me know by twitter name and I will be happy to supply my address. @shlymbicky

  9. I set 3-4 goals each month. One of my goals this month is to pack a bento style lunch 10 times. I am very good about bringing a lunch to work but when I focus on packing a bento lunch my lunches are more balanced have more vegetables, more reasonable calories and fit easily in my backpack!

  10. My smart goal is to better my performance from Around the Bay last year. Last year was my first time running 30k, and I didn't prepare properly - I trained for an early March half marathon, thinking I could just add some k's on after that and it wouldn't be that hard. WRONG. I didn't realize that there would be a huge post-half crash and my training disintegrated. I ended up walking a lot of the last 9k of Around the Bay. This year, I want to run the whole thing, including the killer hill that comes at 27k, and I'm setting up a training plan with some running friends that will hopefully get me there.

    Of course, first I need this sprained foot I suffered 3 weeks ago to finish healing! Nothing more frustrating than finally realizing just how much you love running and then suffering an injury.

  11. Hilary MacKenzie8:20 am

    Having been a complete couch potato for the last 2 months, my goals are small. It's the "attainable" that is important here.
    Exercise: Go to aquafit at least twice a week for the next 3 months. Ride my exercise bike for a minimum of 10 minutes twice a week for the next month (If I attain this, I'll extend it). The overarching goal is to strengthen my legs & lose a few pounds in order to relieve the arthritis in my knees.
    Food: Give up Tim Hortons French Vanilla for 2 months. Program my iPhone to remind me to eat snacks between meals, so I don't end up hungry at the end of the day (no end date). Track my food intake daily for the next 3 months.

  12. My goal is to continue to improve my distance running on the treadmill. I recently reached my first goal of running 5 km. My next goal is to run 7 km on the treadmill without stopping for a break by March 1, 2013.

  13. In the past couple years I lost 50lbs. Last year, my goal was to accept my body for it's cosmetic flaws and be grateful for it's abilities. It is a learning curve.
    My SMART goal this year is to move past my own goals (which I have but are more of the same, run PRs and weekly mileage) and towards my kids.
    To once every week plan one fitness activity as a family (Swim, bike, run, etc). To once a week let my daughter hear me say something positive about my body, its appearance or physical ability. And to once a week try a new healthy recipe for my kids, the youngest of whom has some sensory struggles that have limited the food he is willing to eat to 2-3 choices. That has made me lazy about family meals, but I need to offer healthy choices more consistantly until he finds things he will eat.

  14. My goal right now is to get fit for long hikes on the Bruce Trail. With that end goal in mind, I will be walk/hiking for one hour, three times per week with a longer hike (3-7 hours) each weekend on the trail. I hope to reach Tobermory before Christmas 2013! When I finish the Bruce, I'll take on some of Southwestern Ontario's other trails - getting outside in all weather is awesome!

  15. Nancy Gauvin8:33 am

    My SMART goal is to workout 3 times per week for 30-60 minutes at the gym (cardio and weights). Another goal is to limit eating out to once per week with my family and hopefully move this to every 2nd week.

  16. Lisa37568:38 am

    My first and main goal is to teach my son how to live a healthier more active lifestyle than I currently live. I am overweight and have struggled with this most of my adult life. My son is at a healthy weight and my wish and goal is to help him maintain that throughout his life. I'm adopting a do as I do and not as I say approach. In order to accomplish that, my goal is to do something active with him at least once a week (he is involved in other sports programs as well) and to do something active for myself at least once a week. I also resolve to make us both a healthy lunch to bring to school/work at least 3 times a week. He has also expressed an interest in learning how to downhill ski. Neither of us have been before so by the end of January I plan on us having had at least two lessons completed.
    I realize this may not seem like much on my part but I have to start somewhere.

    Thanks for this!

    1. I wouldn't downplay your goals. Everyone's goals should be matched to what they can reasonably attain. Once you make those goals, then set some new ones. These sound like great goals to me, esp. the skiing one.

  17. My SMART goal is to incorporate a Yoga class into my fitness routine 1 day per week for the next 10 weeks in order to improve my mobility and complement my weight training and HIIT routines.

  18. All my SMART resolutions revolve around things I need to do for the next six months so that winter doesn't get me into a funk.

    1. Get away from my desk at lunch at least 3 times a week during the winter to do some form of exercise: walking or pilates. It's very easy to look outside, shiver, and stay at my desk these days.

    2. Take one day on the weekend to cook a healthy batch meal that I can freeze for work lunches for the next week. I've been lazy, and nibbling on cheese and sugary granola bars for lunch is not helping me regain energy.

    3. Take care of my mental health. I'm coming off a year-long medical issue and I'm just getting back to my normal self, but I'm finding emotionally I have not recovered. I'm going to make a doctor's appointment and work to make sure that my mental well being is as much of a priority as my physical well being.

  19. I always have trouble eating mindfully over the holidays. So my goal this season is to limit myself to one plate serving when we get together for big meals and to eat slowly over at least 20 minutes. No need for seconds!

  20. My SMART goal is to keep on lifting heavy weights 3x a week, not beat myself up if I don't make it to the gym more than that, and to eat MINDFULLY, instead of stuffing myself until I'm overfull and never want to eat again.

    Plus I want to do one good pull-up on my pull-up bar by the end of the year. Almost there!

  21. My major goal is occurring Oct 15 2013 when I will be 6 years RNY post op and 5 years since my weight loss. My SMART goal is to have exercise be a part of my daily routine and to schedule it each week. Today was ride on the bike trainer, tomorrow is a stretching routine and Wed is a 30min run. I have struggled with getting in a rut and have made a promise to myself to change it up and keep it fun. 2013 is for FUN fitness not mandatory exercise like a punishment.

  22. My SMART goal is two-fold:
    (1) Continue exercising (walking outdoors 50 min/day) 5x per week.
    (2) Journal my eating daily - 7 days a week, no matter what. I may miss journalling only 2x per month.
    My goal is health - and that is measurable in the way that I feel and the way that I am treating my body.

  23. I want to add two sweaty workouts per week to my if it's not too icy, a game of Zumba on the Wii, SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Winter is so much harder than summer when a nice evening run is always an option, but I will do this!!

  24. Anonymous9:22 am

    SMART Ojectives/Goals are great! I work for a bank and our year began in November so I just did this for work with my boss and it makes each goal easier to focus on. For my health I do this as well - I take it month to month. Usually the goals are the same:

    S: Go to the gym daily, eat clean, eat on plan [I had gastric bypass surgery 1.5yrs ago]
    M: Weigh in monthly - continue to lose at a rate of 1-2lbs per month. Take measurements montly to ensure fat is being lost on months where the scale isn't co-operating :)
    A: Hardest part of the day will be putting on the gym shoes!
    R: Fits into long and short term health goals - walk without assistance, stave off the family history of diabetes and cancer.
    T: Reach goal of losing the last 60lbs by the end of 2013.

    1. Anonymous10:03 am

      Made an error in the M part - should read 1-2lbs per WEEK not month.

  25. My SMART goals are to squat 220 lbs, deadlift 275, and bench 135 at a powerlifting competition in July.

  26. My SMART goal is to mix it up exercise-wise. I've been running for 5 years and last year added 2Xweekly yoga and the occaisional spin class. I feel my upper body strength has waned so I'll be adding daily push ups with a goal to get to 100 before the end of the year. Aiming for increments of 5 every 2 weeks. Might add in crunches as well :)

  27. Anonymous10:00 am

    My SMART goal this month is to get in 8 runs. It's a challenging month due to holiday parties and preparation, also we are away the last week of the month as well. I have a great running group that meets on Mon/Thurs night so I will get in 6 runs with them. I'll have to motivate myself to get the other two in on my own. (Lucy - maryjosephine2 @

  28. My smart goal is to be sure to include my daughter in the warm-up portion of my at-home workouts. Instead of doing a standard boring warm-up, my six year joins me in doing jumping jacks, crab walks, bear crawls and frog hops. We did it the for the first time this weekend at had a blast together -- she kept thinking up different ways to move our bodies and by the end of our warm-up I think I had activated every muscle in my body and it was so much fun for us both! I plan on including her for the first 10 minutes of my weekend at-home workouts once a week for at least the next month (or as long as she's interested in joining me!).

  29. Great idea, Yoni. It's fun to read other people's goal. We recently moved from the southern US to the northwest in an area where they get lots of snow. So as soon as the snow sticks I plan on getting ski lessons. My goal is to be able to nordic ski 10K by the end of February.

  30. Exercise: My goal is to run in my first 21k next April, so my goal is to get in one long weekly run and slowly increase my distance. I am currently at 10k fairly comfortably for my long run, then between 5-8k for my shorter runs.

    Food: I have recently gone gluten-free and dairy-free, but finding new snacks has been a problem and resulted in me reaching for unhealthy things (like chips) more often then I would like. My goal is to find healthy alternatives for snacks by making things in advance, freezing things, and having more veggies and fruits in the house.

  31. My goal for the year 2013 - my 40th - is to run the Fargo Marathon in 4:0x (4:09:59 would count!) as my first step towards qualifying for Boston by the time I'm 45. My most recent marathon was 4:22 on a very hot and very windy day in Regina last year and I'm training smart (and hard), so I think it's doable!

    Thanks Yoni - great idea!

    1. PS: I'm already registered for Fargo (May 18, 2013) and for the Hypothermic Half Marathon (Feb. 24, 2013). Nothing like already having spent the money to keep one motivated!

  32. Great contest! Here's my goal--three times per week, I'll add three, 30 second, all-out sprints to the end my workout with 30 seconds rest in between. I'll track my recovery heart rate each time.

  33. When setting your goals it is important not only to make them SMART, but also have benchmarks. I tend to write 10 day, 10 week and 10 month goals that are associated. This allows me to see progress and not discouraged while trying to reach a big goal. Also, your goal needs to be written. I write them and have visual aids to go along with them. I post these goals on my bathroom mirror so I see them at least once a day. Also with goal writting, you should have a why. Why do you want to reach this goal. If you have a big enough why, you will succeed in reaching your goal.

    All the best to everyone on reaching your goal.

  34. Anonymous10:49 am

    Hi Yoni,

    I just had bariatric surgery a few weeks ago, so the eating pretty much takes care of itself these days. (Well, not completely, I still have to follow the program, and that takes a lot of getting used to, but this tool really helps me stay on the plan.)

    However, exercise is the thing that I really have to motivate myself to do. So this is how I've planned to incorporate walking into my day:

    When I go to work, I have to take three buses. But I realized, I really only have to take two buses, because it's a 20 minute brisk walk from the transfer point for the third bus to my work.

    So every day, I'm going to forgo that third bus, both to and from work, so that I can take two 20 minute walks per day. I don't love exercising, but I like walking if there is a destination at the end of it!

    This is attainable, because while I've been off work recovering, I've been walking at least 40 minutes to an hour every day, usually in 20-30 minute increments. I want to make sure I make time to do that once I'm back to work at my sedentary desk job.

    I'm losing weight quickly, as most WLS folks do, so that $100 gift card would sure come in handy for some new clothes in a couple of months when I can fit into their sizes (and into nothing currently in my closet)! :)

    Thanks for your great blog, Yoni. I agree with you that obesity is not just an individual issue, but a societal one.


    1. Anonymous10:53 am

      P.S. Sorry, forgot to add this: While the weight is going quickly now, it's the maintenance after the initial "honeymoon" period after this surgery is over that will be the big challenge. WLS helps you lose the weight fast, but if you don't develop good eating and exercise habits along the way, you CAN regain the weight! So developing habits of incorporating exercise into my every day life will help me maintain the weight loss over the long term.

  35. Jennifer B11:08 am

    Hi Dr!
    My SMART goal is to continue to run through the winter (I usually stop and start again in better weather), and run 4x/week and crosstrain 2x/week. My final goal is to complete the Yonge St 10k in Toronto on April 21st with a faster time than my previous time of 1:08hrs. With six months until the race, I have no choice but to continue training through the winter and I'm hoping to slice 5mins off my time!

    Thanks! Jennifer from Hamilton, ON (

  36. Thanks for the contest! My goal is to go to two yoga classes at my YMCA a week, from now until April 15th, 2013.

  37. Anonymous11:22 am

    My family is the typical dual income, overscheduled frenzy that seem to be the norm in my part of the country. Over the past two years I've noticed that the busier we are with "sports activities", the more we eat out, the more my line of credit increases and the more my weight increases! So my SMART goal is a bit different.

    For the next two months, I will purchase any "on the go" meals from the grocery store only. No more fast food between activities. I live in a suburb filled with more grocery stores than McDonalds, so I have no excuse:)

    I'm sure that my two measurables, my fast food spend and my weight should see some positive downward movement!

    Cheers to all the others for sharing their stories as well, there's some great ideas here!

  38. Hi Yoni, great contest and good timing! I recently created these SMART goals for myself:
    Health & Wellness
    • Lose 15 pounds by June 1
    • Walk outside at least 5 times a week
    • Do yoga 3x per week
    • Eat breakfast every day
    • Make dinner at home at least 5x/week
    Personal Time
    • Watch no more than 1 hour of TV per day
    • Spend the extra time walking, reading, cooking, exercising, or staring out the window!
    • Read for pleasure 30 minutes per day

  39. I currently swim for 30 minutes, twice a week, over my lunch hour. I resolve to up this to 40 minutes and to add a third day every second week.

  40. My goal for 2013 (by September 7) is to lower my 5km PR (off the bike) by 10%. I will have set dates from April to August that will allow me to measure my progress, as well as periodized training (done myself) to allow me to work upto that goal. I can't wait to do it, and I'm stoked to start racing again in 2013!

  41. Kimberly Green RD, LD12:07 pm

    I'm from the USA (orginally Oregon/Washington now in New Mexico)and a Type 1 Diabetic, RD. My SMART goal is to Test my blood sugar at least 3 times per day (breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) every day of the week by the end of December. I also would like to have my A1C into the mid 7's by Feb. when I have it tested again.

  42. Anonymous12:13 pm

    I'm from the USA, so not eligible. But I'm commenting because I like to start new goals before the holidays, rather than after, to avoid the end-of-December malaise. Here are 3 I started in November:
    1. Cheerios for breakfast every day (following the recommended serving size)- if I am in the mood for eggs, we can have them for dinner!
    2. No alcohol on weeknights. I sleep better, save a few meaningless calories, and don't have to worry about the extra eating that comes with a drink or two.
    3. Pack a lunch, every day. Bringing my lunch means avoiding the temptation to eat out- saves money and a whole lot of extra food intake!
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  43. I want to get strong enough over the winter that I can easily climb the Bluff X-country Mountain Bike trails without stopping the first time we go in the spring

  44. Rebecca12:34 pm

    My goal is to take myself and my three year old daughter (who hates the cold) on a walk or if it snow (which is in the forecast)shovel the snow for 15 minutes three times a week for the next month.

    Rebecca Larson

  45. My attainable goal for 2013 is to practice an 80/20 rule.

    I also try to teach this to my 4 children and work to apply it to the family as a whole.

    80% of the time when we are at home and preparing whole, natural, organic plant-based meals with healthy foods then the other 20% of the time we can enjoy "TREATS".

    This means we can go to events, parties, and the movies and not feel guilt about splurging as we know we have done the best we can to nourish the body.

  46. Caroline McAuley1:39 pm

    My attainable goal is to do 1/2 hour of activity (which will largely be walking my dog) each day right after work (between 5-6 pm)for the month of December. I have been slipping in the activity department and need to redevelop this habit. I have a very eager dog (a shephard) who has been suffering with my lack of commitment. Time to get us both back into shape. Thanks for the motivation.

  47. From the USA. I have lost 25# since the middle of July 2012. I will lose at least another 20# by July 2013 and keep counting calories to keep them off. I exercise at the gym about an hour a day, four to five days a week and I aim to continue this routine through 2013.

  48. S: I will incorporate strength training into my weekly fitness plan.

    M: At least 2 times a week.

    A: I have joined the YMCA and it's open until 10pm during the week - there is no reason why I can't find an hour to get to the gym, work out and head home a couple of times a week.

    R: To help me attain the goal of more balanced fitness (I'm a cardio girl who usually only runs and swims)

    T: Every week, until May 1st, 2013 (and beyond, hopefully - but I'm committing to 6 months to start)

  49. My SMART goal is:
    S = Walk the dog 4 days a week for 20 minutes during the months of December and January
    M = It is measurable because I can mark the days on my calendar
    A = I believe this is attainable because I have walked the dog in the fall but usually do not as much in the winter months
    R = It is realistic because I have done the walking in the better weather
    T = I will try for the cold and dark months of Dec and Jan and then will re-evaluate

  50. LindaB2:45 pm

    My more than affordable personal trainer recently closed up shop to pursue other goals - ones that actually pay the bills. Apparently people don't trust personal training unless it costs an arm and a leg.

    Now on my own I am having trouble getting motivated with noone 'expecting' me at the gym! These SMART goals may be just what I need. A strong commitment to myself instead of to someone else. I am going to set too goals - 1 for fitness and 1 for nutrition.

    My goal is to plan 3 workouts per week that I can carry out anywhere (not dependent on the gym). Each workout will last a minimum of 30 minutes. I will take notodor what I did and how it felt. I will do this for the next 12 weeks. At the end of each week I will review that week's work and build the next week's workout based on that. (Essentially, I will own all the aspects of my training that my trainer used to do, using my record of training with him as a base.)

    My goal is to reduce as much as possible the use of added fats from my diet as much as possible. This means for instance not having fried foods, not adding butter to vegetables. I already eat out as little as possible and plan my meals. For the next 12 weeks I will add a column to my meal plan to track the reduction of added fat.

    For instance instead of just loading tuna with mayo when making tuna salad - actually measure the minimum amount of mayo required to make a tasty tuna salad. Just because the mayo is low fat doesn't mean I can have as much as I want!

  51. Melanie C2:51 pm

    My goal is to improve my overall flexibility.

    S- I will incorporate flexibility training in my workout schedule

    M - I will attend 1 yoga class a week and stretch at home 1/week

    A - I will rearrange my schedule to free up the evening that has the yoga class scheduled (tuesdays)

    R - I want to squat heavier weights and improve in my Olympic weightlifting. Flexibility is a limiting factor.

    T - Every week until the last week in March.

  52. Laura S3:15 pm

    I'm generally a healthy eater, but I've noticed junk and convenience foods creeping into my house. So, here's my goal, framed around reducing my consumption of junk and convenience food:

    S - purchase no junk/convenience foods in the next two months

    M - I will plan meals in advance for each week and be sure that convenience/junk foods are only included (at the most) once a week as a treat as we don't plan to be wasteful and throw out 'food' even if it's not the best health-wise.

    A - I already try to be careful with meal planning, so now I will have a reason to be more diligent with planning in advance. If I have a written meal plan, it will be easier to ensure I succeed.

    R - meal planning and reducing convenience foods is a great way to ensure that we're cooking from scratch as much as possible.

    T - two months of mindful eating should be enough to reinforce my normally good habits and get me back out of the convenience food rut. :)

  53. Jessy J.3:30 pm

    I am going to plan meals for the week(breakfast, lunch and suppers) for each week every single sunday of the month of december, and I will post the plan on the fridge and grocery shop that day for what i need. this will help cut down on restaurant meals and ensure i am planning well balanced meals.

  54. My next goal is to stick to my next running program at least 80% of the workouts, including the cross training. I'm also going to stretch at least my hamstrings, hip flexors and calves every day when I wake up and before bed so I don't get sidelined by injury from inflexibility.

  55. My smart goal, is to be more focused and deliberate in my job search. I want to ensure I am applying to a minimum of 2 a week and hold myself to that, as well as looking for new opportunities everyday. Its certainly achieveable but not so unrealistic that Id struggle to reach it every week. Im not the best at being goal oriented but nothing else has worked so far so its worth a shot!

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  57. My SMART goal includes 2 Dos and a Don't. I will eat a raw fruit or vegetable with every meal going forward; I will sleep 7-8 hours every night; and I will stop using artificial sweetener in my morning coffee. I started all three of these today and it's a change I plan to carry on for the long-term.

  58. Eat something green (preferably dark green) every day whether it be a salad, broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, beans, peas, etc.

    Full disclosure, this is a New Years resolution from 2 years ago and for the most part I've kept it. Not sure if it's SMART, but it's one of the goals I set for myself every day when I plan my meals.

  59. My goal is to do cardio exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for at least five days a week for every week left in 2012

  60. I will walk 4 km during my lunch break a least 4 days per week. I have started doing this since the first week of November and my goal id to continue doing this until the end of April 2013 when field season begins once again.

  61. My SMART resolution is to eat out no more than once per calendar month and to add weight training to my workouts three days per week

  62. I want to learn how to skate like a pro. i know how to skate but i can't keep up with the older guys when we play ice hockey. i need new skates as well since the skates i have are getting too small. my goal is to skate professionally by the end of January leaving me enough time to play some ice hockey like a pro.

  63. My smart goal is to sign up for three day a week yoga classes, mon, wed and fri at 7pm at my community center.

  64. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Robyn at
    My smart goal is to do things now to make sure my children have a healthy relationship with food.
    #1 Send a letter to the principal requesting my children's school stop calling food like pizza, subs, fruit smoothies and quesadillas healthy. They run a monthly "healthy habits" lunch, with all selections incredibly high in sodium, sugar and fat. If even they change the name to a "fun lunch program" (baby steps) I will feel like I have had success. I will do this in the next two weeks as Christmas is a slower time at work (and I don't have time to do this at home! shhh)
    #2 I will encourage my children to "stick it to fast food", taking it one step further to recognize that family style restaurants are no better.
    #3 I will continue to encourage my children to eat healthy foods, but I will lay off on the "if you eat this you can (insert TV or dessert here)". I will increase variety in vegetables and learn new recipes to make this possible. I will be a positive role model in eating patterns, as well as in body acceptance.
    #4 further to #3 I will enroll in, and take, a cooking class to learn more about increasing the healthfulness of favorite dishes.
    Thank you Yoni for everything you do, I am a faithful blog watcher and hope to one day hear you speak (in person) - at the Canadian Obesity Summit perhaps??!?!?