Monday, June 17, 2013

Parental "No" Files: Historical Landmarks Edition (you gotta see this to believe it)

Everything that's wrong with society's constant need to shower kids with sugar encapsulated in one ad,
"During the War of 1812 young kids entered Fort York full of courage strength and pride. This weekend they'll leave full of cookies, cake and candy"
Worse than the event itself is the fact that its establishment likely didn't give anyone at the Fort York Foundation even a moment's pause - that's how normalized this practice has become.

[Thanks to Family Food Project's Edie Shaw-Ewald and blog reader Christine Hepburn for both taking the time to send me copies.]

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  1. Sure, it's sickening if you read it in a normal person's voice.
    But imagine Grandpa Simpson reading it with his voice set to Maximum Curmudgeon and preceding it with "Kids these days!"

  2. Anonymous12:18 am

    Oh ffs they're kids, kids eat cookies and candy, can we stop freaking out and trying to swap every last shred of their sugar enjoyment with a stalk of broccoli? If you're kid is plenty active and not overweight, let them enjoy their childhood. Because what you never had candy when you were small?

    1. You seem to be missing the point of these types of posts on this blog.
      The point is that these "last shreds" of sugar enjoyment occur every day, everywhere my kids go.
      It's candies at school every time they pass a quiz, cupcakes every time one of thirty children has a birthday, lollipops at the doctor, cans of soda on field trips etc. etc.
      We're trying to cut it down so it really is one candy treat per week, maybe, if that were possible.