Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Stories: Godin, Rudeness, Tragedy

The usual brilliance by marketer Seth Godin on the marketing of junk food.

A great piece in the Wall Street Journal explores why we're ruder online than in real life.

Gene Weingarten in the Washington Post from 2008 with one of the most gripping, harrowing and tragic articles I've ever read.

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  1. The WSJ article was an interesting read. I didn't realize that some of the spats are posted under the influence of alcohol. I have a very strict policy to not make posts or write emails when I'm drinking, just because I don't trust myself. (Exceptions are chats with close friends, but I let them know I'm inebriated.) So I guess it's a good rule to follow.

    There's another side to faceless communication, in that the same thing that makes it damaging can make it easier to discuss serious matters that may be too difficult to discuss face to face. I don't mean use it as a substitute for real communication, but it's helped me a couple times to bring up some very difficult issues with people I'm close to. It makes subsequent [real] conversations easier once the topic was opened. Everything in moderation though...

  2. Anonymous3:01 pm

    It'd be interesting to see what the person's friends would say (from the opening anecdote in the Wall Street Journal.)

    I'm always a bit skeptical of people who claim multiple others are starting drama/being rude around them. Okay, so it happens a lot, but equally it's possible it's not entirely everyone else's fault.