Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kellogg's Uses Teen Olympic Athletes to Sell Sugar to Children


Torin-Yater Wallace the 15 year old US Olympic freestyle skier and 19 year old US Olympic ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson have been purchased by Kellogg's to promote Pop-Tarts and Frosted Flakes in campaigns clearly targeting children.

No doubt it's reprehensible to use sport to sell sugar and refined carbohydrates, but it's certainly not breaking any laws.

A shame that the Olympics doesn't seem to have any standards when it comes to licensing their rings.

And if you're wondering what I think about the nutritional value of Pop-Tarts, I think Torin says it best when asked in this promotional video,
"What's your point of view on breakfast and nutrition?"
and he answers,
"I don't really have one, I eat whatever I want."
So there you have it folks! Straight from Kellogg's new spokesteen - if you don't care about nutrition maybe you too should give Pop-Tarts (or Frosted Flakes) a try (because you sure as heck won't find much in the way of nutrition there).

[Hat tip to Anne Tuttle Brown for bringing the Pop-Tarts to my attention]